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Our Healthy Singapore Fund

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Our Healthy Singapore Fund (OHSF) aims to support individuals and organisations to drive not-for-profit health promotion initiatives for the community.

  • Individuals Singapore Citizens or Permanent Residents above the age of 18 residing in Singapore can apply for OHSF with written support from an organisation (registered and operating in Singapore).
  • Organisations registered and operating in Singapore.

Note: These organisations may include Religious Organisations, Social Service Agencies, Grassroots Organisations, Academic Institutes, Non-profit Organisations (IPC), Social Enterprises and Non-Government Organisations (NGOs).


OHSF supports partners to implement initiatives that promote one or more of the following areas of health within the community:

  • Physical activity
  • Nutrition
  • Mental wellbeing
  • Smoking cessation and prevention
Grant Quantum & Evaluation Criteria

Approved applications will received co-funding support of either baseline funding (50%) or enhanced funding (80%), capped at $20,000 reimbursement value per project application.

Baseline Funding Criteria (50% - Project meets all criteria A, B, C)

  • A. Scope – Ability to address at least one HPB’s Priority Areas
  • B. Community Building – Active partnership with the community and/or community organisations
  • C. Feasibility – Quality of Project Application, Practicality of Goals and KPIs, and Applicant’s Track Records and Resources, Budget Reasonableness
Enhanced Funding Criteria (80% - Project meets either criteria D or E)
  • D. Advocacy Impact - Impact segments that require more targeted approach
  • E. Innovation/Transformation – New methods beyond existing approaches
Applicants can make multiple project applications, but only one active approved funding at any given time. (Approved funding period: Date of Approved Project to Date of Reimbursement Completion)

The supportable duration for each project should not exceed 12 months.
Supportable Expenditure
  • Venue costs
  • Marketing and publicity costs
  • Production, material, and logistics costs
  • Professional service fees (e.g. licensing and legal fees)
  • Insurance costs
  • Volunteer meal and transport costs
Non-supportable Expenditure
  • Start-up, operating and capital costs, such as manpower and the purchase of assets
  • Cash prizes and vouchers
  • Honorariums
  • Overseas travel and local accommodation costs
  • Any costs funded by any other sources
  • Any financial benefit of whatever nature that accrues to the Recipient and related parties (for example: applicant should not be utilising the grant to offset manpower or product costs)
  • Any notional costs, including but not limited to opportunity costs, depreciation, and potential income loss
  • Any costs associated with the employment of staff under a contract of service
  • Any other costs or expenses as HPB may determine from time to time, by notice in writing to the Recipient
  • Any costs or expenses for a project or segment of a project that HPB is providing as a programme in the community
Project Duration
12 months (inclusive of all pre-event planning, publicity, and marketing processes)*

*Applicants are encouraged to submit their interest earlier. Upon acceptance of the Letter of Award, applicants will have up to 6 months duration to support pre-event planning and marketing efforts prior to the commencement of the project.
Application Windows

The application windows are as follows:

Application window
26 Jun 2023 to 25 Jul 2023
30 Oct 2023 to 29 Nov 2023
26 Feb 2024 to 25 Mar 2024
  • All submissions will be evaluated strictly based on the evaluation criteria.
  • Upon grant call closure, applications with completed supporting documentations will take up to 8 weeks for evaluation and clarification, after which outcomes of the application will be announced in batches. Incomplete applications may be rejected.
  • Applicants will be given 3 working days to respond to any clarification raised by HPB. HPB reserves the right to reject any incomplete applications or unresponsive applicants.
  • Upon receiving notification of an approved application, grant applicants will be given 2 weeks to accept the Letter of Award (LOA) through Our SG Grant Portal. 
  • Commencement date of the project should be set at least 10 weeks after the close of grant call. Actual commencement date may vary based on the project evaluation process. 
How to Apply

Please download the application forms here:

Applicant Profile (Individual)
Applicant Profile (Organisation)

Application forms above are for reference only. All applications should be submitted online via the grant application portal.

Information on the grant terms and conditions is available


Please click on the link below to access the grant application portal.


An optional grant briefing will be conducted to orientate interested partners on the first week of each grant call period. 

Please click on the link below to register your interest for the next Grant Call Briefing. We will extend an invite to you closer to the briefing date.



Project Completion and Submission for Reimbursement
After grant recipent has completed the project, recipent has to submit the Project Completion Report and the Reimbursement Claim Form within 3 months of the Project end date via the OHSF portal.

b)  Reimbursement Claim Form
Submit together with receipts and invoices for all qualifying expenditures.
Reimbursement will be made upon completion of the project, subject to the verification of supporting documents submitted.

Reimbursement will only be made for eligible items/services procured after the Letter of Award is accepted.


For further enquiries, please email

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