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FAQs on Youth Health Survey

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A1. What is the Youth Health Survey about?

The Youth Health Survey (YHS), conducted by the Health Promotion Board (HPB), seeks to understand health behaviours and risk factors among youth in Singapore.

The study will consist of two phases:

  1. Health Survey (Section C)
  2. Health Screening (Section D)

Students will be invited to participate in both the survey and health screening as part of the study.

A2. Who is eligible to participate in the Youth Health Survey?

Students who are Singapore residents (Singapore citizens or permanent residents) currently enrolled in selected Ministry of Education schools (i.e. Secondary Schools, Junior Colleges and the Centralised Institute), Institutes of Technical Education (ITE) and Polytechnics are eligible to participate in the study.

A3. What kind of information will the Youth Health Survey be collecting?

YHS will be collecting your child’s health information and will include (but is not limited to) topics such as physical activity, nutrition and tobacco/alcohol use. As part of the health screening, the study will also be collecting information on your child’s blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol level.

A4. How will the information be collected?

Both the survey and health screening will be conducted by HPB’s appointed vendors, and will take place in school so that your child does not have to travel to external locations.

A5. How long will the survey and health screening take to complete?

The health survey will take about 30 minutes to complete, while the health screening should take about 20 minutes to complete.


B1. Why should my child participate, and how will they benefit from participating in the Youth Health Survey?

Your child’s/ward’s participation in the YHS will help to improve the health of Singapore’s youth by enabling us to better plan and evaluate national health programmes. Past study results have been used to plan and improve health programmes and services tailored for Singapore’s youth. Getting screened at a younger age will also ensure that risk factors are detected early, allowing for earlier intervention.

Upon completion of the survey, your child will receive a $10 token of appreciation from HPB (as mentioned in B2). Further to this, the full cost of the health screening valued at approximately $80, will be fully borne by HPB.

Your child will receive a health screening report with a copy of his/her health screening results within six weeks of completion. The results include:

  1. Height, weight and body mass index
  2. Blood pressure
  3. Blood sugar and cholesterol level

B2. Are there any incentives for participation in the Youth Health Survey?

Tokens of appreciation will be given to your child upon completion of the survey to thank him/her for the time taken to complete the survey. The tokens of appreciation will be in the form of retail vouchers, valued at S$10 each and will only be issued upon confirmation of survey completion.

Tokens of appreciation will not be given for participation in the health screening, as the cost of the conduct of the screening (approximately $80 per student) will be fully borne by HPB. A free health report containing the results from the health screening will also be sent to your child following the screening.

B3. How do I enrol my child in the Youth Health Survey?

For parents providing consent on our online platform, simply click on the link sent to you through Parents’ Gateway and fill in the form to enrol your child in the study. Your child will provide assent prior to participating in each phase of the YHS.

For parents providing consent through hardcopy forms, do sign the form provided to your child to participate in the study. There is a provision for your child to provide assent just beneath your signature.

B4. Can I/my child withdraw his/her participation in the Youth Health Survey before its completion?

Yes, participation in YHS is voluntary and he/she may withdraw from YHS at any point in time.


C1. Tell me more about the health survey.

The health survey will take about 30 minutes to complete, it will cover topics pertaining to their health-related lifestyles and behaviours.

The survey will be administered via an online portal, and will be conducted in school.

C2. Will I get the results of the survey?

The results from the survey will be used for the development and refinement of programmes and policies to improve the health of Singaporean youth and will be analysed and reported at the aggregated level.

Your child will receive a free health report containing the results from his/her health screening within six weeks of completion.


D1. Tell me more about the health screening.

On the day of the health screening for your child, a trained staff will conduct the following in school:

  1. Measurement of height, weight, waist and hip circumference;
  2. Measurement of blood pressure;
  3. Collection of a sample of about 15ml (or 1 tablespoon) of blood to test for diabetes and cholesterol;
  4. Collection of a sample of urine for urinary cotinine, creatinine and sodium tests.

The health screening will take about 20 minutes and upon completion, your child will be provided refreshments.

D2. What does my child have to do to prepare for the health screening?

Students participating in the health screening will need to fast for at least 8 hours prior to the health screening and will be allowed to drink water. Reminders will be sent to you and your child to ensure that your child is prepared for the health screening session.

All tests requiring fasting will be conducted in the morning and your child will be given a drink and snacks after the test is completed.

D3. Will a report of the health screening be sent to me?

A report with the results of the health screening will be sent to you and your child in one of the following ways depending on the school’s arrangement with HPB:

  1. The report will be sent in sealed envelopes to your child’s school and the school will distribute the sealed report to your child, or
  2. The report will be mailed directly to your child’s registered address.


E1. How will HPB protect my child’s data and ensure my child’s privacy?

HPB places paramount importance on the protection of your child’s data and information. All data and information provided by your child and collected during the study will be managed in accordance to the guidelines stated in HPB’s Privacy Statement (refer to for more details) and all other data security and management guidelines included in the government’s Instruction Manual (IM).

E2. Who will have access to my child’s data?

The use of, disclosure of and provision of access to data and information provided by and collected from your child will be in accordance to HPB’s Privacy Statement as mentioned in E1.

HPB will require your consent to allow HPB access to the relevant data and information before your child participates in YHS.

The Ministry of Health and NHG Domain Specific Review Board (DSRB; HPB’s appointed ethics board) will also have access to your child’s data to review study procedures and data.

Any data shared will not be identifiable and will only be in aggregate form.