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Healthier Dining Programme

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The Healthier Dining Programme encourages food and beverage (F&B) businesses to provide healthier food and drink options. F&B businesses participating in this programme can apply for the Healthier Dining Grant, which will assist our Partners to develop and promote healthier menu options.

Being a Healthier Dining Partner also opens up the opportunity to reach more consumers through the Eat, Drink, Shop Healthy Challenge, which rewards consumers for choosing healthier options, thereby promoting your brand and growing the sales of your offerings.

Eligibility criteria

  • Any F&B business registered and operating in Singapore; OR
  • F&B businesses (part of the same group of F&B companies) registered and operating in Singapore

Click here to download the HDP marketing brochure to find out the support and incentives for F&B partners who join the programme.

Please refer to the definition of F&B settings below: 

Food Courts
  • Food stalls are tendered to independent operators, which remain under management of one brand name
  • In a food court, there are multiple food and beverage vendors, as well as a common dining area for customers
  • Air-conditioned
  • Customers have to self-service meal purchase
  • Typically located in malls, hospitals and buildings etc
Coffee Shops/Eating House
  • Coffee shops model after food courts but are typically not air-conditioned
  • Eating house model after restaurants but are typically located in residential/ public housing areas, transport hubs etc
  • Hawkers
  • An aggregate of many independent food and drink stalls under one ‘centre’, with a common dining area for customers
    • ‘Centre’ may be managed by managing agents (e.g. NTUC Foodfare/Fei Siong) or government bodies (e.g. MEWR/JTC/HDB/NEA)
    Institutional Caterers/Canteens
    • Food shop/stall within an institution/workplace compound
    • Targeted at a captive audience such as workplace canteens
    • Operating hours usually follows that of the institute/workplace
    • Dining Hall concept refers to a setting where consumers have access to extra/unlimited portions
    Brand Chains (Food stalls in Food Court/Coffee Shop/ Eating House/Canteen)
    • Chain of food stalls/shops under one brand name
    • Majority of the outlets are usually located in food courts, coffee shops, eating houses, canteens, independent shop houses
  • Food outlet(s) under one brand name
  • Air-conditioned
  • Typically charges GST
  • There is usually wait staff who will take orders and serve customers
  • There is a dedicated sitting area only for the restaurant’s patrons
  • Typically serves cuisines specific to a theme (e.g. Korean food/Salads/Western food/Mexican food)
  • Quick Service Restaurants/Fast Food
    • Food outlet(s) under one brand name
    • Set meals (e.g. Drink, Main, Side) are typically the default and/or main menu offering
    • Patrons need to queue up, pay on ordering and look for their own table to be seated
    • There is usually a dedicated sitting area only for the restaurant’s patrons
    • There are usually no GST and service charges
    • Food is generally prepared quickly (i.e. within 5-10 minutes)
    • Food and/or drink outlet(s) under one brand name whose main business is sale of beverages
    • Typically a limited/smaller selection of meals and desserts are offered
    • There is a dedicated sitting area only for the cafe’s patrons
    • Air-conditioned
    • Typically charges GST
    • Customers usually need to queue up, pay on ordering and look for their own table to be seated
    Kiosks/Specialty shops
    • Food and/or drink outlet(s) under one brand name that often specialize in a single product category
    • This includes categories such as beverages, breads, sushi, meat skewers etc.
    • There may or may not be sitting area for the patrons
    Event Caterers
    • Food and beverage businesses that deliver food in packed form or served in chafing dish with set up for customer's consumption
    • Consumers are required to place order in advance
    • Consumer can also engage the caterers to prepare food at the consumer’s premises for consumption
    F&B Companies Operating Solely on Digital Platform(s)
  • Food and beverage businesses that have no physical stall front
  • Meal ordering based on digital website or app platform
  • Bakery
    • Food establishment(s) that retail confectionery and baked goods
    • Customers usually would need to pick out bread/bun item from bread tray
    • There may or may not be sitting area for the patrons
    • There may or may not include sale of beverages
    • Food outlet(s) under one brand name that specializes in the sale of desserts
    • This includes categories such as local soup desserts, local and seasonal cakes, ice creams, frozen yogurts, jellies and puddings
    • There may or may not be sitting area for the patrons
    Buffets (Restaurants/Hotels)
    • Typically customers pay one price and serve themselves from different stations, ranging from hot items, a salad bar, dessert stations etc.
    • Consumers usually have access to extra/unlimited portions, and may even cook the food (e.g. raw meat, vegetables, noodles) themselves
    • Offered at various places including restaurants and hotels

    Programme and Publicity Guidelines by Settings:

    Food and Beverage partners

    Beverage only partners

    Healthier Menu Nutrition Guidelines

    The Healthier Dining Programme Nutrition Guidelines provides a description of nutrient requirements to qualify as a “healthier” food or beverage type.

    Point-of-Sale (POS) System Sales Reports Generation

    As a requirement for joining the Healthier Dining Programme, F&B businesses have to submit monthly sales volume data of the endorsed dishes and drinks to HPB. Partners may request for a support of up to S$6,000 to enhance their POS systems to auto-generate customized reports to track their sales, and for submission.

    Application process

    Depending on if you are a new Partner or an existing Partner, we have two different ways for you to apply for the Healthier Dining Programme.

    New Partners
    HDP Application process

    Existing Partners

    Application forms

    Further enquiries

    For any enquiries on the Healthier Dining Programme, please email

    For other enquiries, please call 1800 223 1313.

    Contact List

    Recipe Analysis Tool

    While engaging a Nutrition Service Provider is encouraged for nutrient analysis services, we understand that some partners may be keen to explore nutrient analysis on their own to get a sensing of their dish calories. This HPB Recipe Analysis Tool Guide serves as a step by step guide for partners to explore using HPB’s Recipe Analysis tool.


    To stay relevant, we perform continuous review of guidelines to reflect the nutritional concerns of the population.