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Physical Activity Programmes

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We run various types of physical activity programmes to encourage Singaporeans to stay physically active!

National Steps Challenge™

The National Steps Challenge™ is the world’s first population level pedometer-based physical activity initiative that encourages Singaporeans to sit less and move more. By leveraging behavioural insights and technology, the Challenge encourages Singaporeans to take more steps daily as part of their everyday lives and rewards them for sustained behavioural change when they reach different physical activity milestones. Building on the success of the first season of the Challenge, Season 2 was expanded to included companies and their workforce.  To sustain the interest and motivation of participants, monthly thematic challenges were also introduced to inspire Singaporeans to get more active. After all, some physical activity is better than none, and more is better than some!  

For more information on the National Steps Challenge™, please click here.

Lose to Win

Lose To Win® is a holistic 12-week weight-loss programme open to participants with a BMI between 23-37.4kg/m2. Through self-monitoring via the Healthy 365 mobile app and participation in various physical activity programmes, participants are empowered to take charge of their health and stay healthy the right way. Registration for the programme is currently closed. 

For more information on Lose to Win, please click here.

Sundays@The Park

Families and friends can get active together and have fun through the Sundays@The Park programme. Offering a wider variety of workouts, from Zumba® Fitness to Piloxing® to Bokwa® Fitness, there are classes suitable for all ages.

For more information on Sundays@The Park, please click here.