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A1. What is hiSG?

Health Insights Singapore ("hiSG") is a pilot population health study conducted by the Health Promotion Board ("HPB") that makes use of wearable technology to understand the health behaviours and lifestyles of Singapore residents. By participating in hiSG, you will contribute to the continuous development of health promotion policies and programmes that aim to benefit the wider population.

A2. Who is eligible to participate in hiSG?

hiSG was first piloted with 2,000 young working adults in August 2018 and is now gradualy expanding to recruit 10,000 Singaporeans and Permanent Residents of other ages over the next few years. There may be cohort-specific requirements such as age or employment status. Please keep a look-out on for more information on cohort openings and specific eligibility criteria. 

A3. What kind of information will hiSG be collecting?

hiSG will be collecting information related to your health behaviours and lifestyle patterns across various topics such as physical activity, nutrition and mental wellbeing. You will also be asked about your attitude and perception towards different health topics.

In the later phases of the study, you may be asked to verify whether predictive prompts and nudges developed by hiSG, based on your contributed data, are accurate. You will be informed of any new features via the hiSG mobile app.

A4. How will the information be collected?

Information such as heart rate, step count and sleep patterns will be collected passively via a study device (“Device”) that is issued to you. Your responses to questionnaires and meal logging via the hiSG mobile application (“app”) will also help provide other essential health information.

A5. How long will I be in the study?

You will participate in the study for 2 (two) years.


B1. Am I eligible to sign up for hiSG?

If you are a Singaporean citizen or permanent resident between 21 and 49 years of age (inclusive) and who is currently in the workforce, you will be eligible to sign up for hiSG.

As you will be required to wear and sync the issued study device with your smartphone, you will need to have a personal smartphone with a Singapore-registered mobile number that is compatible with the study device (i.e. at least iOS 10 or Android OS 7 and above).

B2. How will I benefit from participating in hiSG?

By participating in hiSG for the entire 2-year duration, you will receive the study device with a retail value of $418 (“value of the device”). You will receive a milestone reward worth $20 at the midpoint (1 year) and endpoint (2 year) of the study, in addition to rewards worth $10 at the end of the 6th and 18th month.

During the course of your participation, you will also be able to earn HPB Healthpoints which are exchangeable for shopping and dining vouchers or ez-link transport top ups (worth up to $240) for every task you complete as part of the study (e.g., wearing of the device for 8 or more hours, logging of your meals, responding to surveys etc).

In total, you will be eligible to earn up to $300 for your participation in the study.

In addition, you will have access to individualised data summary on various aspects of your health behaviours such as the amount of physical activity, quality of diet, quality of sleep via the device provided and the hiSG app. The more frequently you wear the device, log your meals and respond to questions, the more rewards you will earn!

At a later stage in the study, you will also receive timely and personalised health reminders and nudges through the device and app, to cultivate a habit of making healthier choices.

B3. Where and how do I enroll in hiSG?

You may register your interest to participate in hiSG via the registration form on the hiSG webpage at

Registration to participate in hiSG will close on 08 MARCH 2020 at 2359hrs.

Please note that registration of interest does not imply participation in hiSG. Upon the closing of registration of interest, HPB will select participants from the pool of eligible registrants for participation in hiSG.

B4. How are the participants selected and how will I know if I am selected for the study?

A good mix of demographics based on gender, life stage, lifestyles and health perceptions will be taken into consideration when selecting participants for hiSG. This is to ensure that the study findings are applicable to individuals with different lifestyles.

If you are selected to participate in hiSG, HPB will contact you via the email address and/or mobile number that you have provided during registration. Instructions on the steps required for the collection of the device and onboarding process will be provided as well.

All registrants who had registered for the study will be onboarded in phases. The first batch of participants will be informed by July 2020. 

HPB reserves the right to select participants it deems suitable according to the requirements of the study.

B5. What do I need to do if I get selected?

HPB will contact you via the email address and/or mobile number you have provided during the registration. You will then select your preferred onboarding timeslot.

You will also be required to prepare a direct debit authorization (DDA) with HPB via your bank, to facilitate the refund of this deposit directly to your bank account at the end of the 2-year study. Should there be any fees incurred due to lost or damaged devices, HPB will collect payment via the DDA.

During onboarding, you will be asked to make a deposit of $50 (see Table 1 at the end of this page), via NETS, credit card (Visa/Mastercard) or DBS Paylah!. This deposit will be automatically refunded back to you when you complete the 2-year study.

B6. Are there any cash incentives for participation in hiSG?

Incentives in the form of HPB Healthpoints will be awarded based on your level of participation in hiSG. Do note that you will be required to meet the minimum requirements stated in B7.

You can earn additional Healthpoints by wearing the device more frequently and for longer periods of time, increasing your frequency in the logging of meals and responding to surveys as promptly as possible.

Information on the balance and redemption of Healthpoints can be found on

B7. What is the commitment required of me if I am participating in hiSG?

You will be expected to commit to a period of 2 years and fulfil the following minimum requirements to remain a participant in hiSG.

Min Requirements of Use

You will need to meet the above minimum requirements so that sufficient data is collected on your health behaviours. If, at any point during the study period, you do not meet the minimum criteria specified, you will be considered to have voluntarily withdrawn from the study. In such a situation, the conditions stated in B8 will apply.

B8. Can I withdraw my participation in hiSG before its completion?

Yes, you may withdraw from hiSG at any point in time during the 2-year study period.

As part of the withdrawal process, you will be required to return the device to HPB in its original working condition, together with the accessories (charger, wire, user manual and box) that was issued to you during the onboarding process. Alternatively, if you would like to keep the device for your own use, you may pay a device takeover fee based on the duration you have been in the study. The schedule of fees can be found in Table 1 at the end of this page.

Please note that the device deposit will not be refunded to you if you withdraw from the study.

HPB will advise you in writing on the required procedure to return the device or arrange for payment to HPB should you inform us of your withdrawal from the study.

B9. What if I am unable to meet the minimum usage requirements?

The hiSG app will send you early reminders to prevent you from falling below the minimum usage requirements. However, if you are still unable to meet the minimum usage requirements, you will be considered to have withdrawn from the study and will be liable to the conditions specified in B8.

B10. Can I recommend my family or friend to participate in hiSG?

Yes, you are welcome to recommend your family members or friends to register their interest on the hiSG webpage ( if they meet the participation eligibility mentioned in B1.

As mentioned in B3, registration of interest does not guarantee participation in hiSG. Upon the closing of registration of interest, HPB will select participants from the pool of eligible registrants for participation in hiSG.

B11. Can I participate in the study if I am currently also taking part in other HPB programmes (e.g. National Steps Challenge)?

Yes, participants of other HPB programmes are welcome to participate in hiSG. The hiSG study device issued to you will be able to measure the health data that can be synced to your smartphone and referenced by all HPB programmes.

HPB programmes, including hiSG, use a common rewards currency in the form of HPB Healthpoints. Healthpoints earned in hiSG will add on to your Healthpoints earned through other HPB programmes. Your total redeemable Healthpoints can be found at

B12. Do I have to ensure that I maintain a healthy lifestyle during the study?

The aim of hiSG is to better understand our population’s health behaviours and lifestyle. Therefore, you are not required to make any changes to your current lifestyle and behaviours.


C1. What is the brand and model of the device used in this study?

The device selected for hiSG is the Fitbit Ionic smartwatch. Please refer to the device’s webpage ( for more information on the functions and capabilities of the device as well as for the instructions for use.

C2. Is the device free?

The device is a property of HPB and will be issued to you for the purpose of your participation in hiSG. If you participate in hiSG throughout the entire study duration (2 years), you will be able to keep the device at no cost at the end of the study period. However, if you withdraw from the study prematurely, you will be subjected to the conditions listed in B8.

C3. Can I use other health trackers or devices to participate in hiSG?

No. To ensure that the data recorded by the device is comparable across users for the purpose of data analysis, the device issued to all participants needs to be of the same brand and model. You will therefore be required to wear the same study device that is issued by HPB to participate in hiSG.

C4. What should I do if the device is damaged?

As the device is a property of HPB during the 2-year study period, you should take proper care of the device and follow the instructions of use and care as recommended by the manufacturer (available on the user manual and manufacturer website).

However, should you require assistance on technical issues, resources are available at There are three channels of support available:

  1. Hotline: 800 101 3566 (8am-8pm Singapore Standard Time)
  2. Live chat (accessible via the Get Support Tab on on Desktops/Notebooks only (8am-8pm Singapore Standard Time)
  3. Email:

The warranty for the device is for a period of 2 years (from the day of collection of the device) and covers both manufacturer’s defects and defects in materials and workmanship. The warranty does not cover wear and tear, excessive abuse or misuse and damage arising from failure to follow instructions relating to product use. If the damage was due to negligence or misuse of the device, you will have to bear the costs of replacing the device.

C5. What should I do if I lose my study device?

The device is considered a property of HPB during the 2-year study period. If you lose or misplace the device, you will need to inform HPB of the loss immediately. You will need to make restitution to HPB for the replacement of the device according to the rates in Table 1 at the end of this page.

Please call HPB at 6435 4008 or email us at if you require assistance in this area.

C6. Do I have to return the device at the end of the study?

If you have met the minimum usage requirements (refer to B7) throughout the 2-year study period, ownership of the device will be transferred to you at the end of the study period and you will be able to keep the device at no cost.

C7. I have encountered technical issues in the use of the device. Where can I get help from?

For hardware issues and issues related to the general use of the device, resources are available at There are three channels of support available.

  1. Hotline: 800 101 356 (8am-8pm Singapore Standard Time)
  2. Live chat (accessible via the Get Support Tab on on Desktops/Notebooks only (8am-8pm Singapore Standard Time)
  3. Email:

For issues related to the hiSG mobile app, please contact HPB’s support line at 6435 4008 or via email at for further support.

C8. Do I need to charge the device and how frequently do I need to do so?

Please refer to the product’s user manual for information on use and care for the device.


D1. Can I download and use the hiSG App even if I am not a selected hiSG participant?

As this is a pilot study, only selected hiSG participants will be able to unlock and access the app.

D2. Do I need access to mobile data or internet connection during my participation in the study?

Yes, access to the internet (e.g., wifi or mobile data) is required for the hiSG app to update your health data and participation, award and update your earned Healthpoints and redeem rewards.

D3. Can I change my smartphone during my participation in hiSG?

Yes. Do remember to sync your device with your smartphone before changing smartphone to minimize the chances of data loss. You will be able to access your past data by downloading the hiSG app in your new smartphone and restoring your profile.


E1. How will HPB protect my data and ensure my privacy?

HPB places paramount importance on the protection of your data and information. All data and information provided by you and collected during the study will be managed in accordance to the guidelines stated in HPB's Data Protection Policy (refer to for more details).

E2. Who will have access to my data?

The use of, disclosure of and provision of access to data and information provided by and collected from you will be in accordance to HPB’s Data Protection Policy as mentioned in D1.

HPB will require your signed consent to allow HPB access to the relevant data and information before you participate in hiSG.

However, please note that activity data collected via the issued smartwatch will be shared with HPB from the device company. As such, the device company will have access to your activity data clocked on the device.

Table 1: Schedule of fees payable by the Participant during the course of Study
Schedule of rates payable by the Participant during the course of Study