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On-site Swab Model

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On-site Swab Facility for Work Sites

Information package for companies adopting the On-site Swab Model by HPB 

Key Features

  1. To support construction/infrastructure projects with large RRT population (>500)
  2. HPB teamlets to setup swab operations exclusively within the projects
  3. To provide convenience and accessibility to project workers by providing swab at workplace.
  4. Construction site to supply infrastructure and manpower to support swab operations on-site
  5. Employers to finance the costs of setup and additional deployment cost

Process Workflow

Process workflow

Companies to self assess for application

Criteria for On-Site Swab Model:

  1. Project site to provide for infection control: 
    • Proper sanitation – separate toilets for clients and staff.
    • Dedicated area for swabbing (well-ventilated, high ceiling preferred).
    • Sufficient space to demarcate holding area, registration area, swab area, discharge area, area for donning and doffing of PPE.
    • Allow for one-directional flow from entrance to exit for clients.
    • Biohazard waste bin/general waste bin.
    • Clean stores – room/space that can be locked at end of door, preferably cool/room temp for the storage of Universal Transport Medium swabs (UTMs.)

  2. Project site to provide for infrastructure required:
    • Mobile network reception, tables, chairs, storage area for supplies, rest area for staff and swab teamlets, power supply, shelter.

  3. Project site to provide for space required:
    • Minimally 75 sqm (for 1 teamlet, inclusive of registration, swabbing and discharge area).

  4. Project site to provide for on-ground manpower:
    • Manpower to identify and bring the scheduled workers to the swab area.

  5. For sites which require security clearance, expedited clearance must be provided for HPB staff and swab teamlet.

  6. HPB will need a 7 days’ notice in advance to set up the mobile swab testing on site.


Things to take note

  1. Minimum Engagement Period – 3 Months
  2. HPB to advise frequency and deployment swab capacity. Company and HPB to agree on schedule.
  3. Companies to make full payment before commencement of operations.
  4. No refund of payment if companies decide to discontinue/change capacity of swab operations.
  5. Information to prepare for payment application

Financing Structure

Financing structure

Billing request for on-site rostered routine testing swab

  1. Form sent to companies to fill in basic information
  2. HPB will fill up bottom half of form and send it to companies to make payment
  3. Payment should be made to Health Promotion Board via the following channels (must indicate invoice number):
    • PayNow
    • Inter-bank Transfer

Billing request for on-site rostered routine testing swab

Frequently Asked Questions

a. What is the On-site Swab Model by HPB and how does it benefit my projects?
The On-site Swab Model is a initiative by HPB to bring convenience and accessibility to large-size work sites to fulfil the 14-day RRT requirements to combat against the Covid-19 pandemic. HPB will setup and operate a dedicated swab facility for the approved work sites. 
b. Can all my own workers and subcontractors be swabbed in my On-site Swab facility?
The On-site Swab facility will be available for both your workers and subcontractors. Please be reminded to maintain safe distancing and working measures in your workplace and apply the established cohorting schemes. For subcontractors, please also be reminded to continue your RRT regime at the RSCs after finishing your work assignment in the work site.
c. What is the application procedure for my company to participate in the On-site Swab Model?
You may approach your Sector Leads to indicate your interest in the On-site Swab Model. The Sector Lead will then follow up with you.
d. My company have self assessed to be compliant with the HPB checklist, how do I proceed with the application?
Your Sector Lead will setup a virtual meeting between HPB, Sector Leads and your company. In this meeting, your company will share the site plan, traffic flow plan and photos of the proposed swab sites and total number of workers. HPB will provide operational inputs with regards to swab operation planning. A site recce will be arranged to look into more site specific details after the virtual meeting. 
e. What are my role and responsibilities as a participant of the On-site Swab Model?
Your company will need to provide the swab site infrastructure e.g. tentage, rest area, rest rooms, wifi connection etc and deploy manpower to provide on-site ushering and organisation of workers. 
f. What are the charges that I have to incur for the On-site Swab Model?
Companies will need to incur charges of $460/deployment (200 persons capacity) and additional of $100/100 persons during the fee waiver period until end March 2021. Please note that these charges are subjected to prevailing GST.
g. Why are there charges that I need to pay when the government is providing the swab testing for free at the RSCs?
The charges in point 6 are the incidental additional costs that HPB have to incur for the On-site Swab Model. These will include but not limited to additional transportation and logistic costs. 
h. Why is there a minimum engagement period for the On-site Swab Model?
The On-site Swab Model is designed to provide a permanent site to work sites and longer term large-size projects to provide convenience and accessibility. Short term projects can continue to make use of the RSCs island wide for their swabbing needs.  
i. Can I get a refund if my company choose to discontinue the On-site Swab Model or reduce the size of deployment during the engagement period?
If your company decides to discontinue the On-site Swab facility before the end of the minimum engagement period, no refund will be provided.  Similarly, no refund will be provided for reduced requirements. You may discontinue the On-site Swab arrangement after the minimum engagement period by providing 1 month’s written notice to your sector leads.
j. Can I get a refund if less than the expected workers turnout for the On-site swab deployment?
Based on the number of eligible number of workers that the companies have provided, HPB will recommend the deployment frequency and per deployment capacity for the companies’ agreement. If the turnout of the workers is less than the planned capacity, no refund will be provided.