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Ministry of Health would like to invite eligible providers to apply for a Grant Scheme to set up private Quick Test Centres (p-QTCs).  P-QTCs serve to proliferate Fast and Easy Testing (FET) to all segments of the Singapore population, and improve the accessibility and convenience of COVID-19 testing. They are designed to provide supervised ART test services to both government-mandated use cases and members of public on a walk-in basis.  They are meant to be wholly run by qualified testing providers, who will be responsible for all aspects of setting up and operating these centres, including the sourcing of the site locations. 

Under this Grant Scheme, MOH will:

Provide ART kits for all swabs conducted at the p-QTCs; and

Reimburse providers a flat piece-rate grant of $15 for each test conducted for eligible non-chargeable clients.

a) Details of the p-QTC Grant Scheme

Grant Covering Period

The grant covering period will be: 16 Oct 2021 to 31 December 2021.  Applicants may continue to operate their p-QTCS after the grant period as a business decision, but MOH makes no representation whether grants or any other support will continue beyond the grant period.

Support for Operators and Clients

Supply of ART Kits

ART kits for swabs conducted at the p-QTCs will be provided by the Government during the grant covering period.  Successful applicants will be onboarded to the HPB ART kits ordering/replenishment system.  All unused ART kits after the grant period will have to be returned to HPB at providers’ own expense within 2 weeks from the date of cessation of the grant.

Support for Non-chargeable Clients

Non-chargeable clients refer to those who are currently under FET Rostered Routine Testing (RRT), and are not under the Employer Supervised Self-Swab (ESSS) modality, for Antigen Rapid Test (ART) tests conducted at the p-QTCs during the grant covering period. 

For such clients, the Government will reimburse them a flat rate of $15 per test.

Support for Chargeable Clients

All clients who are not classified as Non-chargeable clients are deemed as chargeable clients. This includes clients who require tests such as pre-event testing, non-vaccinated individuals visiting malls/eateries, hospital visitors and individuals under Vaccinated or Regular Testing (VoRT) etc, as well as individuals under the ESSS modality who choose to have their tests conducted at the p-QTCs.  

For such clients, a fee of $15 per test (inclusive of GST) will be charged at the p-QTC, if the provider chooses to use the test kits provided by the Government through HPB. 

b) Eligibility for p-QTC Grant

To be eligible for the p-QTC Grant, the applicant must be a Class A/B provider registered with MOH-RCE and adhere to the IDA (Antigen Rapid Test Providers) Regulations 2021.  Class B providers are required to obtain the certificate to supervise ART self-swab by attending the course conducted by HMI Institute of Health Science Pte Ltd (HMI).

Class A/B providers who are able to meet the above-mentioned requirements can apply for MOH-RCE’s approval to provide ART services via

c) Application for p-QTC Grant

Interested applicants may apply for the Grant by sending in the Application Form to TOTG, HPB, at, supported by the following documents:

·      Application Form

·      Company ACRA / Business Profile

·      HCP license issued under Private Hospitals and Medical Clinics Act (Chapter 248) for Class A provider or one of the following courses offered by HMI Institute as training requirements for Class B Provider:

(1)         16 hours Supervisory Training in Swabbing Operations (PCR + ART+ Supervisor role)

(2)         12 hours Swabber Training in Swabbing Operations (PCR + ART)

(3)         8 hours Supervisory Training in ART Swabbing Operations (ART+ Supervisor role) (Classroom and Synchronous e-learning)

(4)         8 hours Swabber Training in ART swabbing Operations (ART) (Classroom and Synchronous e-learning)

·      Site(s) Approval Letter by MOH-RCE

The applicant is to ensure that the following requirements are fulfilled:


Locations selected for these p-QTCs should be readily accessible to the public and workforce. Examples include, but are not limited to, Retail Malls, Community Centres, Workplaces, Hawker Centres, HDB precinct shops, Void Decks, Pavilions, and Industrial Parks. The applicant is to be responsible for securing his/her proposed p-QTC site(s).

Please click on the link for more information on suggested p-QTC site selection.


            Each p-QTC must be capable of providing these essential services:

1.     Qualified supervision of ART self-swab*;

2.     Payment collection including the provision of hardware and software for point-of-sale system;

3.     Results input post-ART via the Swab Registration System (SRS); and

4.     Results Management (SMS notifications of results)

*An applicant may also choose to offer the option of vendor-administered ART swabs to clients (in this case, a HCP’s license will be required).


The applicant is to be wholly responsible for the set-up and running of each p-QTC, and will be responsible for managing all the relevant regulatory and operational matters, such as IPC, utilities, infrastructure, equipment, manpower, marketing, logistics, etc.  

Swab Registration System (SRS) Support

HPB will provide the required SRS technical support to successful applicants during the grant period (if required).

d) Award of p-QTC Grant

A Letter of Award (LoA) with the grant covering period will be issued to successful applicants.

Applicants are required to sign and return the LoA’s Acceptance Letter, before commencement of p-QTC set up and operations.

e) Claims Submission

Claims for the p-QTC Grant are to be submitted via vendors@gov by the 15th of the following month for tests done in the preceding month, in the format as required from time to time.

HPB reserves the right to reject any or all claims not submitted within the stipulated claims submission period.

Please submit with the following supporting documents:

1.     Claim Form

2.     SRS record for non-chargeable tests (attach to Claim Form)

3.     SRS record with Payment References for chargeable tests (attach to Claim Form)

g) Application Processing Time

Acknowledgement of receipt of application will be via email, within 3 working days.

Upon satisfactory submission of all required documents, applicants will be notified of their application outcomes via email within 7 working days.