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Tobacco Control Programmes For Schools

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Tobacco Control Programmes for Schools

HPB takes a multi-pronged approach, comprising educational measures and policies, to encourage youths and students to stay smoke-free. Its programme aims to prevent youths and students from picking up smoking and to provide assistance to those who have tried smoking to stop as soon as possible.

To raise awareness about the benefits of leading a tobacco-free lifestyle and discourage youths and students from experimenting with tobacco products, HPB is working with the Ministry of Education and Institutes of Higher Learning (IHLs) to incorporate anti-tobacco messages into the school curricula.

These efforts are complemented with interactive programmes, such as assembly skits and workshops, to raise awareness amongst youths and students about the benefits of leading a tobacco-free lifestyle and discourage experimentation with tobacco products.

Programmes that HPB offers to mainstream schools:

“Stay Strong, Say NO!” Skit

A 30-minute interactive assembly skit to raise awareness to primary 4 to 6 students on the negative consequences of tobacco use, misconceptions about the effects of tobacco, as well as to promote smoke-free norms.

“Be Strong to Say No” Skit

A 30-minute interactive assembly skit to raise awareness to secondary 1 to 3 students on how smoking is related to other youth developmental issues, the benefits of a tobacco-free lifestyle and to promote smoke-free norms.


A holistic smoking cessation programme that is offered to schools without Student Health Advisors.

HPB offers help to youth smokers to quit smoking at schools. Student Health Advisors (SHA)s are deployed at selected secondary schools, ITEs and Polytechnics to provide support and counselling to students on health issues which include tailored counselling for youth smokers. Note that deployment is by appointment of MOE. If your school does not have a SHA, you may request for STRENGTHS. The content of the sessions are similar in helping youths to understand the harms of smoking and equip them with strategies to cope with withdrawal symptoms and how to quit the habit.

Counselling support to youths is also provided via HPB’s QuitLine (Tel: 1800 438  2000).

Programmes that HPB offers to IHLs (ITEs, Polytechnics & Universities):

Live It Up! Choices (integrated programme with Mental Health)

An approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour interactive workshop to raise awareness to tertiary students on making the right choices and staying away from smoking, drinking and drugs.

On the Edge (integrated programme with Mental Health)

A 1-hour interactive drama targeted at year 1 ITE students on the importance of positive mental wellbeing. Students will learn skills in attaining a healthy lifestyle in the form of positive and negative coping strategies.

For educators or staff involved in smoking cessation for students, you may wish to attend ADVOCATE. This programme is designed to equip you with the knowledge and strategies to help underage smokers quit smoking.

If you are interested to subscribe to any of these programmes, please write in to the following email addresses below:

For mainstream schools, please write in to

For IHLs (ITEs, polytechnics or universities), please write in to Matthew at