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Swab Registration System

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Welcome to FAQ page for the Swab Registration System. This page serves to address  basic questions for companies using the Swab Registration System to book swab tests for their employees. 


1. Pre-System Login issues

1.1 My company did not receive the login email. What could be the reason?
When you did not receive the login email, there could be various reasons such as the following:
- Email provided during account creation is wrong
- Email could have landed in your junk/spam folder
- Email is blocked by your company's server
What can you do:
1. Check that you are using the email address that you have submitted to your sector lead (i.e. BCA/EDB/MOM/MPA)
2. If you cannot remember which email address was submitted, please check with your sector lead.
3. Check your email’s spam/junk folders
4. Check with your company IT team if there is a filter that prevents the sending of e-mails from the Swab Registration System (
1.2 My company IT has removed the filter for my email. What should I do next?
Go to click on “Forget password” and key in the verification code so that you will receive a new password. New password will be sent to your email.
1.3 My company told me that that they do not filter for such emails or that they cannot remove the filter. What should I do next?
You need to create a Gmail account for the purpose of using of SRS. This new Gmail account will serve as your new Login Email Address. 

Once created, please inform your sector lead that you have a new Login Email Address and request sector lead (i.e. BCA/EDB/MOM/MPA) to update their records.

Once the record is updated, you can try to log in with your new Login Email Address.
1.4 My company did not receive a new password after triggering “forget password”. Why is this so?
The email could be in your junk/spam folder or it could be blocked by your company server.

What can you do:
1. Check your email’s spam/junk folders
2. Check with your company IT team if there is a filter that prevents the sending of e-mails from the Swab Registration System (
1.5 I did not receive the OTP. What should I do?
Please check with your sector lead (i.e. BCA/EDB/MOM/MPA) if your mobile number is correctly reflected in the system. If it is not reflected correctly, please request sector lead to update your mobile number in the system.
1.6 My account is suspended and/or blocked. What should I do?
An account could be blocked due to multiple incorrect login attempts. Please write in to to verify and unblock your account.
1.7 I am the Point-of-Contact (POC) for multiple companies with different UENs. Am I able to use the same email for registration into SRS?
No. SRS accounts are unique for each firm with only one email registered to one UEN. Different email addresses are to be used for other companies with different UENs. 

2. Post System Login Issues

2.1 What is the maximum number of swab tests I can book in any given day for my employees?
Please refer to the maximum booking quota via SRS under the Staff Management Page. Please note that auto-scheduled appointments are also counted towards the quota.
2.2 How many days in advance can my company book the swab tests for my employees?
Companies can book swab tests between 2 – 14 calendar days in advance of the current calendar date.
2.3 Can I cancel an appointment? Will I get a confirmation once I have booked or cancelled on the SRS?

If appointment date for the staff is within 2 days from the present day, you will not be able to cancel the appointment. Only the employers will be notified by email if the first swab is cancelled. For subsequent swabs, employees will be notified by SMS respectively.

2.4 My employee/company did not receive a notification after their scheduled swab test was scheduled. Is the appointment still valid?
Yes. You can show a screenshot of the confirmed appointment to the staff at the scheduled swab site. Please note that employees must still bring their identification documents (e.g. NRIC, Work permits, driving license, etc.)
2.5 Will I need to make a new appointment after each swab test?

Companies will need to make the booking for all employees for their first swab on the SRS. Employees will automatically be scheduled for their next swab test 14 days later unless they are:

  • Sero-positive, Covid Active or Recovered workers
  • Staying in uncleared dormitories 
  • Serving their Stay-Home Notice (SHN) / Quarantine Order/ Leave of Absence

For suspected positive and inconclusive cases, employers should not schedule them for any RRT.

2.6 Will I get a notification on the automatically scheduled appointments?
Companies will receive an email notification while employees will receive an SMS on the automatically scheduled appointment around 1 working day after the previous swab test. This notification could be sent before any test results are released.
2.7 My worker is unable to attend his swab test appointment. How can I reschedule his appointment?
You can reschedule the swab test appointments through the online Swab Registration System (SRS) at
2.8 My worker has missed the appointment and SRS has auto scheduled a new appointment for my worker. Do I need to re-book the appointment?
For workers who have missed their scheduled RRT appointments, their AccessCode will turn red in a few days. Hence employers are reminded to reschedule these workers for an earlier RRT appointment immediately and cancel the appointment auto-scheduled by SRS.

3. Missing Employees' Names

3.1 There are missing foreign employees’ names / incorrect worker details on my company’s list. What could be the issues?

Foreign employees may be missing on SRS due to various factors which affects their Swab Eligibility:

  • They were COVID-19 positive workers
  • Their work passes are no longer valid e.g. expired or cancelled
  • There were changes to their living arrangements e.g. they moved from a cleared dormitory to an uncleared dormitory
    They are under Stay Home Notice (SHN) and/or Quarantine Order (QO)
  • Their latest details, including latest place of residence, were not updated in OFWAS, WPOL or EPOL
  • Their tag requirements are not reflected correctly. Please refer to the section ‘Who Is Required to Undergo Rostered Routine Testing (RRT)’for more details on each sector.

Employers can use the Safe@Work Portal to check for the above conditions. If the foreign workers fulfil any of the above conditions, their names are automatically removed from the system. 

If your workers are Singapore Citizens (SCs)/PRs, you can manually add/remove them and update their details in the SRS. If your workers are foreign workers, you cannot add or remove them as they are pre-populated from MOM’s database.

4. Appointments

4.1 Scheduled appointments are missing in the system. What could be the issue?

Scheduled appointments may be cancelled by the systems if worker’s swab requirements has changed due to:

  • They were COVID-19 positive workers
  • Their work passes are no longer valid e.g. expired or cancelled
  • There were changes to their living arrangements e.g. they moved from a cleared dormitory to an uncleared dormitory
  • They are under Stay Home Notice (SHN) and/or Quarantine Order (QO)

Employers can use the Safe@Work Portal to check for the above conditions. If the workers fulfil any of the above conditions, their names are automatically removed from the system. 

If the workers do not meet of any of the above conditions, please contact your sector lead (i.e. MOM/BCA/EDB) for further assistance.

4.2 Why am I not allowed to join the queue when I have arrived early at the swab facility?
To avoid excessive waiting times, we have a queue management policy in place where clients will only be allowed to join the queue 30 mins to their appointment time. Your cooperation is appreciated.

4.3 Am I allowed to wait inside/outside the main gate if I have arrived too early?

To maintain safe distancing measures, please do not congregate at/near the entrance of the swab facility. Waiting within the premises will be subjected to the available space and traffic conditions of the specific site. Please comply with the instructions of the site ushers/traffic marshals.


4.4 Why can’t I be allowed to queue more than 30 mins earlier than my actual appointment time when I observe there is no long/no queue?
Our usher/traffic marshals is managing the queue time and ensuring safe distancing measures are observed. Kindly comply with their instructions. Your cooperation is appreciated. 

5. Designated Swabbing Centres

5.1 What are the designated swabbing centres for my in-dorm and non-dorm employees?
Employers have to also check in with their sector leads as different swabbing centres are allocated for various sectors, and swabbing operations are being scaled up on a national level. Any changes in location will be shared with sector lead. Please note that entry to the swabbing centres are strictly by appointment basis. 

Please refer to the table here
5.2 What should I bring to the swab appointment?
Employees are to bring the following to their swab appointment.
- A copy of notification indicating date and time of confirmed swab appointment
- A form of photo identification with their NRIC/FIN number e.g. NRIC, work permit, driver’s license
- Bottle of drinking water to keep hydrated
- Umbrella for wet weather
- Mask (to be worn at all times)
5.3 How do I get to the designated swabbing centre?
Companies have the prerogative to cater for transport such as buses to ferry their staff to the designated swabbing centres. Staff who are making their own transport arrangements are to note that no private vehicles, including cars and motorcycles, will be allowed into the premises of the swabbing centre. Staff who are taking taxis or private-hire vehicles should alight outside the swabbing centre and enter by foot.

Select the links below for site address and drop off point.

Swabbing Centres for Dorm Workers  
Swabbing Centres for Non-Dorm Workers 

6. Further Questions and Issues   

6.1 How long do employees need to wait to receive the results of their test?
Test results will be out within 1 to 4 days. Employees whose test results are negative will not receive any notification. However, employers will be notified if any of their employees have been tested positive.
6.2 What should employees do whilst waiting for the results of their pooled test?
Employees may continue to work while waiting for their pooled test results, unless otherwise notified. Employees should also continue to practise the same standard COVID-19 precautionary measures i.e. frequent washing of hands with soap – especially before eating or handling food, after toilet visits, or when hands are dirtied by respiratory secretion after coughing or sneezing; practicing safe distancing and the wearing of mask when leaving the house for essential purposes.
6.3 What should I do if a worker is tested inconclusive/suspected positive for COVID-19?
If a worker is tested inconclusive/positive for COVID-19, the employer shall immediately isolate him from the other workers who are staying with him. 

All other workers who are working or staying with the confirmed COVID-19 worker shall not be deployed for work and shall stay within their accommodation until further instruction from MOH is given. In the meantime, the employer of these workers must ensure that their meals and daily needs are provided.
6.4 I am a Singapore Citizen and Permanent Resident, where can I find my swab test results?
You can check your swab test results using the Health Buddy App or login with your SingPass to check your Health Records at More information on the Health Buddy App can be found at
6.5 I am facing issues which are not listed on this page. What should I do?
If there are other issues/queries pertaining to SRS which are not addressed on this page, please write in to
6.6 Where can I find the latest user guide?
You can download the user guide here.

SRS Support Hotline:
6876 5848

Hotline Operating Hours
Monday to Friday: 0800hrs to 1700hrs
Saturday: 0800hrs to 1300hrs

Hotline is closed on Sundays and Public Holidays.