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1 Simple Way to Boost Employee Productivity

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Boost productivity at your company with the Workplace Alliance for Health Scheme

In today’s fast-paced environment, change is the only constant. Resilience and a positive mind-set are key attributes that would help any employee withstand the dynamic cross-winds in today’s ever changing world.

As a key leader in your organisation, push your organisation onwards for continued performance by keeping and develop your existing pool of talent. With a team of happy and healthy staff, you would be able to achieve greater productivity, retain your talents for the long run as well as bring down your organisation’s healthcare costs. According to a 2015 paper by Towers Watson, improving workforce health lowers medical and disability claims in the US by up to $1600 per employee.

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With the Workplace Alliance for Health programme, let us help you take care of your employees with effective health programmes that can be easily implemented within your organisation in a cost-effective manner as well!

Choose from a range of programmes targeting different areas such as smoking cessation, weight management and chronic disease management. The programme offers targeted interventions which are tailored to the needs of participants and companies, to help your staff achieve specific health goals and enjoy the benefits of a healthier lifestyle, while your organisation also prospers with a motivated, engaged and highly productive workforce.

Heightening engagement

According to a survey conducted by Mercer Singapore in 2018, employees in Singapore were reported to be the second least engaged in the region.

High employee engagement is crucial as highly engaged employees are likely to see themselves as having a personal vested interest in their companies and work, and are hence more likely to stay on to contribute to your organisation and long term goals.

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With the implementation of a health program, Continental Singapore fully agrees on the “healthy employee – happy employee” equation and that creates a “win-win” situation for both for the organization and employees.  HR Country Head Singapore, Angie Chua highlights that “Employees see this (investment by the organization in their health and well-being) and as a result, employees within the organization find more meaning to their work life and, also have a sense of belonging.”

An internal employee survey at GSK also found an increase in the percentage of employees who agree that their company actively encourages and supports employee health and well-being which has led to an increase in employee satisfaction, engagement and increased productivity through greater employee motivation. GSK’s Vice President & Site Director, Pharma Supply Chain (Singapore) Lim Hock Heng said: “We are also seeing many employees taking greater responsibility for maintaining good health by participating in our health promotion programmes.”

Keeping minds alert and motivated

A workforce whose staff are healthy also means they are in the right frame of mind to achieve their fullest potential and maximise productivity. Headaches, stress and MCs will be a thing of the past as your staff gain the knowledge to equip themselves to manage the pressures of the corporate world!

For some participants, the benefits of an alert and motivated workforce have also helped the company achieve a lower attrition rate. With employees more satisfied at the workplace, performance increases to higher levels. Productivity, morale and overall happiness increases as well.

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ComfortDelGro Taxi’s CEO Ang Wei Neng highlighted that “We subscribe to the view that a happy and resilient workforce will ultimately translate into satisfied customers. Subscribing to the philosophy that “Health is Wealth”, ComfortDelGro Taxi has been proactively encouraging our staff and cabbies to pursue a healthy and active lifestyle. As a result, our staff attrition rate is below national average and we have also seen a significant jump in staff satisfaction.”

Your employees are crucial to your business, and there’s no better place to invest than in them. It’s time to grow the health of your employees, and enjoy the productivity gains of better health. Tap on the Workplace Alliance for Health scheme today and enjoy up to 50% co-funding when you sign up now!

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