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Pre-Event Learning Journey

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To facilitate learning and sharing of best practices in health promotion at pre-schools, workplaces and the community, an experiential learning journey was conducted on a Friday morning for participants from over 40 different organisations and companies.

Over half a day, participants got to experience what it is like to be a preschooler at a Healthy Pre-school, to an employee at a workplace with holistic workplace health promotion policies and programmes, and finally, a resident, participating in programmes like the supermarket tour and food trail to learn about healthier options.

Here are some of the learning moments at each pit stop of the Learning Journey:

Pre-school setting: NurtureStars @ SAFRA Toa Payoh

The Healthy Pre-school (HPS) Framework accredits pre-schools which have comprehensive school health promotion practices for students, parents and staff. At NurtureStars @ SAFRA Toa Payoh, participants had a taste of what it feels like to be a pre-schooler at a Healthy Pre-school.

During the Learning Journey, participants learnt how healthy habits for young children can be inculcated in school and at home:

1. Beyond the in-house physical activity curriculum, NurtureStars also provides children with additional gym fitness classes, to equip children with movement skills and lead active lifestyles.

JACPA Curriculu
Observation of a JACPA session

Indoor playground facility for infants
Indoor playground facility for infants

2. Participants also learnt about how a pre-school menu is designed to comply with the guidelines from the Healthy Meals in Pre-schools Programme, to ensure that children have access to balanced meals including wholegrains, fruits and vegetables.

“Inculcating healthy eating habits should start from young as seen from NurtureStars@SAFRA Toa Payoh” - Ariel, Fei Yue Community Services

Participants perusing the centre's weekly menu
Participants perusing the centre's weekly menu

Healthier oil is used in food preparation for pre-schoolers
Healthier oil used in food preparation for pre-schoolers 

3. To reinforce learning beyond the classroom, participants also learnt about how Nurturestars engaged parents in activities such as healthy sushi making, vegetable farm excursion.

Participants reading posters
Participants reading posters showing various parent engagement activities on health topics

Workplace setting: Institute of Technical Education (ITE)

A healthy workplace should have a combination of organisational policies, supportive environment and interventions to enable their employees to increase control over and to improve their physical, social and mental health. At ITE, participants had a chance to see how workplace health promotion is integrated into all 3 aspects - policies, environment and programming at a workplace to improve the health of employees.

During the Learning Journey, participants learnt how physical activity, nutrition and mental wellness can be pervasive in the workplace:

1. An overview on workplace health promotion efforts for employees at ITE was shared with the participants where ITE’s HR Director spoke about the 3Es (Engagement, Enrichment, Experience) and 3Fs (Fun, Fitness, Family) for a Happy, Healthy & Engaged Workforce.

Welcome Adress by ITE's HR Director
Welcome address by ITE's HR Director Engagement and Philosophy and Plan at ITE

Participants learning
Participants learning about the Staff Engagement

2. To increase the provision of healthier food choices and take-up among its staff, ITE has a self-managed cafeteria to have greater control on the selection of dishes.

“ITE had great ideas on putting up nutritional values on the cafeteria wall.” – Nuraini, Keppel Shipyard Limited

ITE sharing of healthier options
Sharing by ITE on provision of healthier options at the cafeteria at ITE

3. Participants were led to view the biophilic features of the building and the facilities designed for the staff and students of ITE to help them maintain a healthy lifestyle.

“Great focus on providing a green environment for students and staff.” – Yuan Qin, Sengkang General Hospital

ite clubhouse
A clubhouse for ITE staff to exercise and unwind

ite shared facilities
Shared facility for both staff and students to bond over games and activities

Community setting: Kampung Admiralty

HPB works with many partners to organise many activities in the community. These include the Physical Activity programme (e.g Stretch band exercise for seniors, piloxing for the general population etc), Health talks, Functional Screening, Cooking Demonstration and many more.

One such partner is Kampung Admiralty Plaza, which is one of our Health Promoting Malls. Kampung Admiralty Plaza actively highlights the available healthier options in the mall and organises weekly mall workout session and other health-related activities.

For the learning journey at Kampung Admiralty, participants learnt how to read nutrition labels and swap regular purchases with healthier choices through a supermarket tour and a hawker centre food trail:

1. At the supermarket tour, participants learnt how to identify healthier choice symbol (HCS) food products, read nutrition labels of food products and swap regular purchases with better choices.

Reading nutrition labels
Participants learning to read nutrition labels for dairy products

tips on healthier methods

Participants receiving tips on healthier methods by using lesser amounts of oil when cooking

2. At the hawker centre food trail, participants took away 6 steps for making wise food choices at hawker centres. Examples of these steps are – looking out for healthier choice logos and increasing fibre intake by opting for wholegrain options for example.

“I am now aware of healthier choices to make when dining out.” – Michelle, Kinderland Educare Services Pte Ltd

participant taking photo
A participant taking a photo of a healthier choice logo at a stall where healthier oil is used for cooking centres

learning about different ways healthier
Participants learning about the different ways one can make healthier food choices at hawker

Special thanks to FairPrice, Foodfare, Institute of Technical Education (ITE) and NurtureStars for making the Symposium on Sustainability of Health: Singapore HEALTH Award Pre-event Learning Journey possible!