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Mental Health Workplace Programmes

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Mental well-being is important for a productive workforce and a healthy workplace. Our Mental Health Workplace Programmes aim to equip employees and employers with skills and knowledge to take charge of their own mental well-being and to create a supportive environment.

Management Training workshops

The objective of the Management Training programme is to equip managers and HR personnel with self-care knowledge and skills to be supportive leaders at the workplace. It consists of a 1 day core workplace mental health workshop, and 2 half-day supplementary workshops (optional) to build capacity in the area of workplace mental health and wellbeing. Each workshop is catered for 30 pax* and can be held on-site at companies. 

*Attendees should be in supervisory roles or HR personnel.


Description and Topics Covered

Core Module: Management Training Workshop (1 day)


  • Caring for others
    • Recognising common mental health issues and how to support staff in need
    • Starting a conversation with staff and show appropriate supportive leadership
    • Building a supportive workplace environment and encourage help-seeking behaviour


  • Caring for yourself
    • Taking care of yourself before caring for others
    • Managing your stress in an effective manner
    • Building up personal resilience

Supplementary Module A: Supporting others at work (½ day)


  • Greater depth of knowledge/skills on supporting others at work (e.g. basic counselling, facilitate problem solving)
  • Manage resistance and guiding staff towards appropriate professional help
  • Managing crises


Supplementary Module B: Basic mental health programme planning and implementation (½ day)



  • Common workplace mental health concerns
  • Hands-on programme planning (including useful tools and evaluation)
  • Learn about best practices from other workplaces


Application and further enquiries

For companies looking to apply for these programmes or for further enquiries you can contact