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Mental Health Workplace Programmes

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Mental well-being is important for a productive workforce and a healthy workplace. Our Mental Health Workplace Programmes aim to equip employees and employers with skills and knowledge to take charge of their own mental well-being and to create a supportive environment.

Management Training workshops

The objective of the Management Training programme is to equip managers and HR personnel with self-care knowledge and skills to be supportive leaders at the workplace. It consists of a 1 day core workplace mental health workshop, and 2 half-day supplementary workshops (optional) to build capacity in the area of workplace mental health and wellbeing. Each workshop is catered for 30 pax* and can be held on-site at companies. 


Description and Topics Covered

Core Module: Management Training Workshop (1 day)

  • Caring for others
    • Recognising common mental health issues and how to support staff in need
    • Starting a conversation with staff and show appropriate supportive leadership
    • Building a supportive workplace environment and encourage help-seeking behaviour
  • Caring for yourself
    • Taking care of yourself before caring for others
    • Managing your stress in an effective manner
    • Building up personal resilience

Supplementary Module A: Supporting others at work (½ day)
  • Greater depth of knowledge/skills on supporting others at work (e.g. basic counselling, facilitate problem solving)                                 
  • Manage resistance and guiding staff towards appropriate professional help
  • Managing crises 

Mental Wellbeing Workshops Roadshows



Stress management roadshow

The stress management roadshow is 4 hours long and can be held onsite at companies. Employees can visit the roadshow at their own convenience and time during this 4 hour block.

Components include:

  • Self-assessment on stress levels
  • Educate staff on the negative effects of not managing stress well
  • Equipping staff with effective stress management skills (via a spin the wheel)
  • Introduction of a take-home, therapeutic activity (mini terrarium building)

Good sleep management talk

This workshop is 1 hour long and can be held onsite at companies. Participants will learn how sleep should be prioritised in their daily routine and having sufficient quality sleep is as important as having good nutrition and regular exercise.

Components include:

  • Self-assessment
  • Knowing the difference between quality and disrupted sleep, benefits of having sufficient, quality sleep
  • Factors that lead to sleep problems (debunk myths and facts about habits about sleeping and develop an awareness for the bad habits that leads to lack of sleep)
  • General, as well as specific sleep tips for different job natures, such as shift work, international trading, frequent travelling (to be tailored to company)
  • Common sleep disorders such as sleep apnea, insomnia etc.
  • Where to seek help

Application and further enquiries

For companies looking to apply for these programmes or for further enquiries you can contact