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SME Health+

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 As we focus on enhancing employees' knowledge and skills, remember that it takes a healthy body and mind to optimise your employees’ capabilities. 

SME Health+ supports Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in your health and fitness initiatives for employees by making impactful health programmes easily accessible and these can be easily implemented with minimal administrative work.

With direct co-funding from HPB, these programmes are designed to help your employees stay in the pink of health, thus affording them the means to deliver peak performance at work. The programmes include:

Chronic Disease Management 
Monitor your employees’ risk of chronic disease with basic health screening that covers Body Mass Index (BMI), blood pressure, fasting blood glucose and blood cholesterol. The programme includes one follow-up health coaching session. 

Physical Activity 
Choose from a range of fun physical activities to be conducted in the comfort of your workplace. Exercise delivers health benefits, and it actually boosts productivity as well. 

Achieving good health is not just about expending calories; ingesting the right calories is just as important. SME Health+ presents a spread of classes that will teach you all about balanced meals, nutrition and quality calories through delicious recipes and enriching food for thought.

Mental Wellbeing
Bring harmony to your workplace. Enlighten your employees on ways to manage stress, build mental resilience and harness the power of emotional intelligence through a selection of programmes carefully curated to promote mental wellbeing, such as therapeutic activities, mindfulness workshops and informative talks. 

SME Health+ is for all SMEs with:
- a Unique Entity Number (UEN)
- not more than 200 employees AND/OR
- not more than S$100 million annual sales turnover


In this scheme, HPB-approved programmes packages will be co-funded at 70% up to a cap. The cap ranges from $135 to $350 per 1-hour session of activity, depending on the type of activities and the attendance.

Where attendance fall below 15pax per 1-hour session, co-fund will be at 70% of per pax cost up to a cap of $8.60 to $23.30.

SMEs will only have to pay the amount that is not co-funded by HPB.




Chronic Disease Management

  • Basic health screening


  • At least 1x follow-up (e.g. phone call,

face-to-face health coaching session)

Funded by HPB, up to $40 per pax

Physical Activity

  • Pre-post evaluation (e.g. basic fitness or weight assessment)


  • At least 4x physical activity sessions

(≥15pax) 70% co-funding from HPB, up to $130 per 1-hour session


(<15pax) 70% co-funding from HPB, up to $8.60 per pax per 1-hour session


  • At least 1x workshop in nutrition

(≥15pax) 70% co-funding from HPB, up to $175 per 1-hour session


(<15pax) 70% co-funding from HPB, up to $11.60 per pax per 1-hour session

Mental Wellbeing

  • At least 1x workshop in mental wellbeing

(≥15pax) 70% co-funding from HPB, up to $350 per 1-hour session


(<15pax) 70% co-funding from HPB,

Up to $23.30 per pax per 1-hour session


Example of co-funding for a physical activity programme:



HPB Co-fund


$180 per session


70% x $180 per session = $126 per session



$12 per pax


70% x $12 per pax = $8.40


*Provider will always charge the per session cost regardless of attendance. HPB will co-fund the per session cost when at least 15 participant attend the session. In the event that less than 15 workers attend the session, HPB will co-fund the per pax cost.
Please see the example below:

Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

Session 4











HPB co-funds




$8.40 x 10 = $84

Payable by SME





Start building a workforce strong in body and mind by contacting our Programme Managers below: