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Smoking Cessation Programmes

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Our Workplace Smoking Cessation Programmes aim to raise awareness about the detrimental health effects of smoking and encourage individuals to quit smoking.

Motivational talks

We conduct motivational talks at workplaces to increase employees’ awareness of the harmful effects of tobacco use on their health, fitness and spending power. Our talks help to promote the benefits of leading a tobacco-free lifestyle and equip employees with the knowledge, skills and strategies to cope with stress and quit smoking. Each talk will last about an hour with an optional 30-minute smokelyser test at the end.

I Quit group counselling sessions

Our I Quit group counselling sessions is a six-week programme (one hour per session, one session a week) where a professional counsellor guides participants along in their 28-day journey to quit smoking. During the sessions, participants will develop personalised quit strategies. The group size is 8 to 15 pax, and participants can listen to one another’s experiences and provide support to each another.

Any smoker can join these sessions if their company offers this programme. The participants will also concurrently go through the I Quit 28-Day Countdown within this six-week programme.

Application and further enquiries

For companies looking to apply for these programmes or for further enquiries, you can contact us at