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Smoking Cessation Programmes

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Our Workplace Smoking Cessation Programmes aim to encourage individuals to quit smoking and equip them with tools to do so.

Motivational talks

We conduct motivational talks by ex-smokers at workplaces, to increase employees awareness of the harmful effects of tobacco use on their health, fitness and spending power. Our talks promote the benefits of leading a tobacco-free lifestyle and equip employees with practical strategies to cope with stress and quit smoking. The talks cover a breadth of topics, and are suitable for both those who smoke, and those who do not.

The minimum group size is 20 pax. Each talk will last about an hour with an optional 30-minute smokerlyser breath test at the end.

I Quit 28-Day Countdown Roadshows

Our half-day I Quit roadshows aim to generate buzz about the harms of smoking, and encourage people to sign up for the I Quit 28-Day Countdown. This is an SMS-based intervention designed to support smokers on their quit journey with daily tips and encouraging messages for a period of 28 days. Participants may choose their own start date, nominate a friend or family member to support them, and opt to receive phone calls from trained counsellors via QuitLine (1800 438 2000), for further support.

I Quit group counselling sessions

The I Quit group counselling is a six-week programme that supports the I Quit 28-Day Countdown SMS coaching intervention. A trained counsellor guides participants along in their 28-day journey to stop smoking with personalised quit strategies, that are developed by participants themselves, to suit their own needs. Participants also have an open platform to share their experiences, exchange learnings, and provide support to one another.

The programme lasts six weeks, one hour per weekly session. The ideal group size is 8 to 15 pax.

Application and further enquiries

For companies looking to apply for these programmes or for further enquiries, you can contact us at