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Health Promoting Malls

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With consumers today becoming more knowledgeable and increasingly conscious of the importance of staying healthy, there is a growing demand for various products, services and activities that help them lead a healthier lifestyle. 

Close to the hearts of many Singapore residents, the shopping mall is often the go-to-place where people buy their necessities, have a meal or catch up with friends. Hence, there is great potential for mall operators to offer healthier lifestyle options to their shoppers and we believe these will be warmly received.

Through the Health Promoting Mall Programme, we partner mall operators to help them identify opportunities where they can promote products, services and organise activities that improve the health and well-being of the local community. These include:

  • Regular mall workout sessions led by fitness instructors
  • Healthier dining options at the food courts and restaurants
  • Products endorsed with the Healthier Choice Symbol at the supermarkets
  • Professional advice at the pharmacies to help a loved one quit smoking
Our support for Health Promoting Mall partners

We provide support for participating malls through the following ways:

  • Endorsement of campaigns, events, activities, marketing materials and other initiatives that help promote healthy living with the Health Promoting Mall logo
  • Listing on our website and other publicity materials
  • Participation in our marketing campaigns, programmes, events, media features and other initiatives
Eligibility criteria

To be endorsed as a Health Promoting Mall, the following criteria need to be fulfilled:

A. Healthy living initiatives (choose at least three)

  1. Host or organise one or more regular physical activity programmes.
  2. Provide environmental cues to encourage physical activity.
  3. Inform shoppers on the available healthier food and beverage options via in-mall displays and/or advertising.
  4. Provide environmental cues to encourage healthy eating.
  5. Inform shoppers on the available quit-smoking services in the mall’s pharmacies.
  6. Provide environmental cues to encourage a smoke-free lifestyle.
  7. Other initiatives that make healthy living convenient and accessible to the community. Initiatives can target the physical environment, amenities, policies etc, as long as we have assessed them to be appropriate.

B. Marketing efforts to promote healthy living

  • Communicate health-related messages and/or promote the healthier options available via the mall’s publicity platforms.
  • Host or organise events/programmes that promote healthy living.
  • Engage tenants to offer promotions on healthier products and/or services, and feature these promotions in the  mall’s advertising and publicity materials.

Further enquiries

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If you would like to know more about our Mall Workouts, please click here.
Ms Evelyn Loo

As a popular one-stop leisure and lifestyle destination, Downtown East is proud to partner with the Health Promotion Board (HPB) to offer a range of HPB workouts at our premises. During the pandemic, Downtown East continues to host HPB workouts, such as HIIT and Piloxing, to promote exercise and healthy living among our members and the public. We have put in place SMM precautions to safeguard the participants and mall-goers so that everyone can enjoy the workouts and bond in a safe environment.

Ms Evelyn Loo

Director, Market Square, Marketing & Leasing, Downtown East
Fitness event at Paya Lebar Square

Being part of the Health Promoting Mall programme had allowed us to create a healthy lifestyle environment for our customers. Besides a dining and shopping destination, Paya Lebar Square has also become a platform for friends to bond and unwind by sweating out together. It has also created immense convenience to our office tenants who could have their workout right at their office’s doorstep!

Claire Tan

Assistant Advertising & Marketing Manager, Paya Lebar Square