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Singapore HEALTH Award

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Aligned with Singapore HEALTH Award 2019’s theme - Sustainability of Health, Health Promotion Board will be celebrating the commendable achievements of pre-schools, workplaces and community health ambassadors as each one represents an important setting in which health promotion is carried out.

This is the first year where we will be recognising the efforts of champions and organisations across all three key settings – pre-schools, workplaces and the community. As such, the Pre-event Learning Journey and Symposium (award ceremony) will be centered to facilitate best practice sharing across all these settings.

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The biennial Singapore HEALTH Award recognises companies with outstanding workplace health promotion practices.

To see past award winners, click here.

Award structure

Applications from Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and non-SMEs (ie large enterprises) will be assessed in separate categories. SMEs refer to companies whose annual sales turnover is no more than S$100 million or whose employment size is not more than 200 workers.

Awards for each category (ie the SME and non-SME categories) will be given to a maximum of 50 applicants for any given year. We will also award a certificate of recognition to all other applications that meet a set of standard criteria.

Starting from 2017, we have three new award tiers, namely the ‘Achievement’, ‘Excellence’ and ‘Merit’ awards. Award recipients will receive an Achievement, Excellence or Merit award based on the merits of their Workplace Health Programme. The following figure shows the tiers of the enhanced award structure.

Eligibility criteria

There are three types of awards, each with their own award categories and eligibility criteria.

Corporate award

Award categories Eligibility criteria
Main Award (Large Enterprises)
  • Possess a Unique Entity Number (UEN) registered in Singapore 
  • Public organisations (ministry, statutory board, organ of state, restructured hospital etc) and non-profit organisations should apply for this award category
Main Award (SMEs)
  • Possess a UEN registered in Singapore

Individual award

Award categories   Eligibility criteria
 Health Champion
  • An employee promoting healthy lifestyle within the company
 Health Leader
  • CEO (or equivalent) in the company

Development award

Award categories  Eligibility criteria 
 Healthy Workplace Ecosystems
  •  Comprise ten or more organisations (excluding retail tenants) with a workforce size of at least 500 employees
  • Located in proximity (within a 1km radius) in a business park, industrial estate or commercial building
  • Applicant should be a business space provider/owner/association (eg landlord, building owner) who has authority and influence over the use of infrastructure and amenities to facilitate a healthy workplace ecosystem within a cluster of offices
Note that the award will be given to recognise the development rather than landlord/developers/association. 

Assessment criteria

The Singapore HEALTH Award (SHA) assessment criteria serves as a benchmark to guide companies in developing an exemplary workplace health programme. These criteria include:

  • Programme positioning and organisation (15%)
  • Programme planning (20%)
  • Programme comprehensiveness (30%)
  • Programme evaluation and results (35%)
  • Innovation and creativity (5% – bonus)

To obtain the SHA Achievement Award, your company needs to meet all the following criteria:  

  • Sustained efforts in the Workplace Health Programme for at least ten years
  • Display of all-roundedness in the planning and execution of the Workplace Health Programme
  • Achieve the standards required in the site assessment conducted by our assessment team

If your company has achieved two consecutive SHA Achievement awards, it will be exempted from the next two award application cycles. It will retain its award status for the next two cycles and you will only be required to reapply for the award on the third cycle.

You can take a look at the detailed criteria for this award.

Award benefits

  • Recognition
    • The Singapore HEALTH Award distinguishes your company as a caring employer who values your employees' health and well-being. More importantly, it helps your company gain a competitive edge in attracting and retaining your people.
  • Business excellence
    • Being an award recipient means that your company has attained a certain level of proficiency in relation to the employee health and satisfaction criteria in the Business Excellence Framework.

Award recipients can use the Singapore HEALTH Award logo on their company’s stationery, job recruitment advertisements or publicity materials of their Workplace Health Programme activities.

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