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The workplace is where most adult Singaporeans spend a majority of their day at, and is thus a key setting for health promotion. Companies and organisations can have a positive influence on their employee’s health, through creating the right type of working environment.

We provide workplaces with the necessary assistance and tools they need to ensure that they provide a health promoting environment for their employees to work in. The areas of health that we focus on are obesity prevention and management, chronic disease management, mental health and smoking cessation.

To achieve our goals, we have created health promoting workplace clusters and company-based workplace health programmes, as well as continually provide targeted interventions for mature workers. The three combined approach of: an ecosystem approach; a company-based approach; and a sectoral approach allows us to ensure that all workers in Singapore will eventually experience a health promoting working environment.

Browse through the different offerings we have for the workplace, and join us in creating a healthy workplace all Singaporeans.