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List of Healthier Ingredient Suppliers

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These are some suppliers/manufacturers who are able to supply healthier ingredients such as healthier cooking oil, wholegrain rice, wholegrain noodles, lower-sugar beverage and lower-sugar dessert that comply with HPB’s Healthier Choice Symbol (HCS) nutrition guidelines. This list comprises suppliers/manufacturers that are participating in the Healthier Ingredient Schemes.

Note: List of products may be subjected to changes. Please check with the supplier for updates.

Healthier Cooking Oil



JA Food Industries Albert Ng
9763 7935
1. BellStar
2. Great Chef
3. JA Chef
4. Lee Chef
5. Lemon Brand
6. Super Q
Lam Soon Singapore
Charissa Cheng
Product Manager
6768 7132/ 9233 1981

1. Sailing Boat Premium Cooking Oil

Ngo Chew Hong Edible Oil
Khoo H. M.
Local Sales Manager
9732 7681 / 6870 7431

1. OKI Blended Vegetable Oil
2. OKI Blended Cooking Oil (Red)
3. OKI Blended Cooking Oil
4. OKI Blended Cooking Oil (Sustainable Mass Balance Palm Oil)

Sengkang Trading Enterprise
Mao Qiongqin
Senior Executive
6481 7333

1. Golden Medallion Blended Vegetable Oil
2. Golden Medallion Blended Vegetable Oil (Deep Frying)

Tong Seng Produce Edmund Tay
Assistant Sales Manager
6756 6128 / 9622 3302 

1. Tsuru 100% Canola Oil
2. Rice Field 100% Pure Rice Bran Oil
3. Tsuru Canola Blended Oil
4. Tsuru Sunflower Blended Oil

Topseller Jolene Fu
Brand Manager
6586 9939

1. Golden Circle Blended Oil

Gan Hup Lee

Jessica Gan
Head of Marketing
6741 2626

1. 333 Super Refined Blended Vegetable Oil
Bunge Asia

Phyllis Chen
Senior F&I Customer Service, APAC
6730 6199

1. Farm Origin Blend of High Oleic Sunflower Oil
2. Farm Origin Blend of Sunflower Oil
3. Farm Origin Blend of Corn Oil

Chia Khim Lee Food Industries Jackson Tan
Business Development Manager
6285 6488/ 9619 5129  
 1. Sotong Blended Vegetable Oil
Wholegrain Noodles



Chye Choon Foods Tiffany Jiang
Business Development Manager
9187 5844/ 6283 5470

1. Golden leaf Brown Rice Noodle
2. Peacock Bird Brown Rice Vermicelli

Leong Guan Food Manufacturer
Skye Wee
Senior Sales Manager
9386 8382 / 6591 7643

1. Leong Guan Wholemeal Noodle
2. Leong Guan Wholemeal Mee Kia
3. Leong Guan Wholemeal Mee Pok
4. Leong Guan Brown Rice Mee Tai Mak
5. Leong Guan Brown Rice Kway Teow

People Bee Hoon Factory
Grace Tan
QA / Business Development Executive
6267 5758

1. Chilli Brand Red Rice Vermicelli

Tan Seng Kee Foods
Lee Pei Xian
Sales & Marketing Executive
9650 3960 / 6445 2320

1. Kang Kang Wholegrain Bee Tai Mak
2. Kang Kang Wholegrain Kway Teow
3. Kang Kang Wholegrain Hokkien Noodles
4. Kang Kang Wholegrain Ramen
5. Kang Kang Wholegrain Laksa
6. Kang Kang Wholegrain Express Meal Kit - Braised Mushroom Sauce with Wholegrain Bee Tai Mak 

Hiap Giap Food Manufacture Dorothy Nah
General Manager
6280 0361

1. KOK KOK BOY Dried Wholegrain Noodle
2. KOK KOK BOY Wholegrain Ramen
3. KOK KOK BOY Wholegrain Mee Pok
4. KOK KOK BOY Wholegrain Mee Kia

SW Foods International Daniel Ng
Regional General Manager
8406 8320
1. ecoBrown's Premiere Brown Rice Vermicelli
Tat Hui Foods Leow Mei Jiao
Sales Co-ordinator
6261 1010 (Ext. 20)

1. Koka Delight Instant Non-Fried Noodles - Chicken Flavour
2. Koka Delight Instant Non-Fried Noodles - Curry Flavour
3. Koka Delight Instant Non-Fried Noodles - Laksa Singapura Flavour
4. Koka Delight Instant Non-Fried Noodles - Spicy Black Pepper
5. Koka Delight Instant Non-Fried Noodles - Spicy Sesame Flavour
6. Koka Delight Instant Non-Fried Noodles - Tomato Flavour
7. Koka Non-Fried Wholegrain Instant Noodles
8. Koka Purple Wheat Noodles
9. Koka Purple Wheat Noodles - Homestyle Braised Duck Flavour
10. Koka Purple Wheat Noodles - Aglio Olio Flavour
11. Koka Purple Wheat Noodles - Chili & Lime Flavour

Lam Soon Singapore  

Rei Ye
Brand Manager
6768 7180

1. Naturel Organic Gluten Free Brown Rice Spaghetti
2. Naturel Organic Brown Rice Fusilli
3. Natural Organic Buckwheat Spaghetti

Five Food Path  
Terry Tan
Operations Manager
9239 6618

1. LiangHe Wholegrain Egg Mee Kia
2. LiangHe Wholegrain Pan Mee Kia
3. LiangHe Wholegrain Pan Mee
4. LiangHe Wholegrain Ramen
5. LiangHe Wholegrain Egg Mee Pok
Wholegrain Rice



Sengkang Trading Enterprise Mao Qiongqin
Senior Executive
6481 7333
1. Ho Kang Fragrant Brown Rice
2. Ho Kang Premium Brown Rice
3. Ho Kang Red Cargo Rice
4. Ho Kang Premium Red Cargo Rice
Tong Seng Produce Edmund Tay
Assistant Sales Manager
6756 6128 / 9622 3302 

1. Kinmemai Better Brown Rice
2. Songhe Jasmine Brown Rice
3. Songhe Mixed Fragrant Rice + Noble Red Rice
4. Songhe Noble Brown Rice
5. Songhe Noble Red Rice
6. Songhe Noble Rice Berry

Gan Hup Lee

Jessica Gan
Head of Marketing
6741 2626

1. Golden Twin Stars Thai Hom Mali Brown Rice
2. Golden Twin Stars Mixed Red Rice
3. Golden Twin Stars Red Rice
4. Golden Twin Stars Tri-blended Rice

Lam Soon Singapore

Eden Koh
Senior Product Manager

1. Naturel Organic Brown Rice
2. Naturel Organic Mixed Rice

SW Foods International Daniel Ng
Regional General Manager
8406 8320 

1. justbrown’s Unpolished Brown Rice
2. justbrown’s Gold Wholegrain Rice Mix
3. justbrown’s Steam Brown Rice
4. ecoBrown’s Gold Mixed Wholegrain Rice
5. ecoBrown’s Steam Brown Rice
6. ecoBrown’s Unpolished Brown Rice
7. Fres-Harves Thai Red Unpolished Rice

Golden Sunland Singapore David Chen / Peng Jingkai
8811 0555
1. Golden Sunland Brown Rice
Chip Seng Impex Ng Saw Cheng
Project Manager
6748 5417 
1. Golden Eagle Fresh Brown Jasmine Rice
2. Golden Eagle Thai Jasmine Rice + Brown Jasmine Rice
3. Golden Eagle Fresh Red Brown Rice
Topseller Cherlyn Yang
Assistant Brand Manager
6877 8645 
1. Golden Peony Thai Premium Brown Rice
2. Golden Peony Thai Premium Red Rice
3. OriGrains Organic Brown Rice
4. OriGrains Organic Rice Berry
5. OriGrains Brown Rice
6. OriGrains Red Cargo Rice
Lower-Sugar / No-Sugar Beverage



Faesol Jonathan Cheah
Director, Business Development
6898 3698 (Ext. 16)
1. iLite Water Chestnut Drink
2. iLite Pearl Barley
3. iLite Roselle Drink
4. iLite Iced Lemon Tea
5. iLite Citrus Burst
6. iLite Zero Iced Lemon Tea
7. iLite Zero Mixed Berries
8. iLite Zero Lemonade
9. iLite Zero Pomegranate
10. iLite Zero Passion Fruit
11. iLite Zero Fruit Punch
12. iLite Organic Soy Milk
13. iLite Milk Tea
14. iLite Rose Drink
15. iLite Lemongrass Pandan
King Juice Manufacturing

Wong Shih Ming
Production Manager
8222 4539

1. King Juice Rose Concentrate
2. King Juice Water Chestnut Concentrate
3. King Juice Calamansi Concentrate
4. King Juice Blueberry Concentrate
5. King Juice Barley Concentrate
6. King Juice Honeydew Concentrate
7. King Juice Blackcurrent Concentrate
8. King Juice Sweetcorn Concentrate
9. King Juice Birdnest Concentrate
10. King Juice Lychee Concentrate
11. King Juice Fruit Punch Concentrate
12. King Juice Lemon Juice Concentrate
13. King Juice Orange Juice Concentrate
14. King Juice Guava Concentrate
15. King Juice Plum Juice Concentrate
16. King Juice Mango Juice Concentrate
17. King Juice Lemon Tea Concentrate

Ngo Chew Hong Edible Oil Khoo H. M.
Local Sales Manager
9732 7681/ 6870 7431
 1. OKI Chocolate Malt Drink
Lower-Sugar Dessert



Better4U Elgin Tan
6440 3644/ 9732 4557
1. Sugalight Vanilla Ice Cream
2. Sugalight Green Tea Ice Cream
3. Sugalight Cappuccino Ice Cream
4. Sugalight Minty Chocolate Ice Cream
5. Sugalight Cookie Monster Ice Cream
6. Sugalight Avocado Indulgence Ice Cream
Tung Lok Restaurants Jacob Tan
Manager, Productivity & Process
8688 9669
1. Egg Yolk White Lotus Mooncake
2. Egg Yolk Red Lotus Mooncake
3. Double Yolk White Lotus Mooncake
4. Double Yolk Red Lotus Mooncake
5. Macadamia Nuts White Lotus Mooncake
6. Melon Seeds with Red Lotus Mooncake
7. Mini Mooncake Egg Yolk White Lotus Mooncake
8. Mini Snowskin Egg Yolk White Lotus Mooncake
9. Mini Snowskin White Lotus with Nuts Mooncake
Udders Loh Wei Li 
Business Development
9424 4567
1. Nuude Vanilla & Goji Berry Ice Cream
2. Nudde Strawberry & Camu Berry Ice Cream
3. Nuude Alphonso Mango & Kaffir Lime Sorbet
4. Nuude Dark Chocolate & Cacao Nibs Sorbet
5. Nuude Multipack Assorted Ice Cream
6. Mr Bean/ Udders Original Soy
7. Mr Bean/ Udders Salted Gula Melaka
Lower-Sugar/Sodium Sauce



Sin Hwa Dee Foodstuff Industries

Claire Chng
6755 2262

1. Yusheng sauce (Sin Hwa Dee Brand)
2. Yusheng sauce (Chef Chen Brand)
3. Yusheng sauce (Fortune brand)
4. Yusheng sauce (Green Tea)
5. Yusheng sauce (Happy Family Brand)
6. CHNG Kee's Kung Bo Sauce

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