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Health Insights Singapore (hiSG)

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About Health Insights Singapore (hiSG)

Imagine a future where a personal digital health assistant understands your mind, body and nutritional needs and generates lifestyle recommendations based on data provided by YOU and other fellow Singaporeans.

This is just one of the many exciting possibilities that could be realised with Health Insights Singapore, or hiSG.

hiSG is a population health study which seeks to better understand the health behaviours and lifestyles of Singapore residents through wearable technology. It monitors participants for a minimum of two years and collects lifestyle and behavioural data across various health topics such as physical activity, nutrition and mental wellbeing. The data will be used by HPB to examine associations across health behaviours and eventually develop programmes powered by artificial intelligence engines for our population. This will in turn contribute to the development of health promotion policies and programmes.

All participants will be armed with a study device: A Fitbit Ionic smartwatch, which collects user data such as physical activity and sleep patterns. The more we learn about you, the more successful our research will be, so you are encouraged to wear the device as often as possible, answer questionnaires and log your meals on the hiSG mobile app.

What's in it for me?

Rewards await all hiSG participants! In addition to the free health insights, you will get to keep the smartwatch. You will also earn HPB Healthpoints by using the study device (Fitbit Ionic smartwatch), completing questionnaires and recording meal logs. These Healthpoints can be combined with the points gained from other HPB programmes to redeem shopping and dining vouchers, as well as EZ-link top-ups.

What do I need to do?

Be among the first 10,000 people to pioneer this health revolution! Our requirement is simple: just go about life as your normally do for 24 months. Register your interest now in the links below!

 Register for hiSG Adults (Age 21 - 49) Register for hiSG Seniors (Age 50 & Above)