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"Being committed to my boyfriend also means quitting smoking for myself." - Evelyn Lee

It's amazing how friends can impact our lives. Evelyn was only 18 when she picked up her first cigarette, amongst the company of friends. She was soon hooked and smoked two to three packets a nights while out drinking with friends.

"The turning point for me was my boyfriend. He's a non-smoker and I felt guilty that he was relegated to the corner while I puffed away with my friends."

Evelyn's boyfriend made her realise that smoking was destroying her health and eroding her sense of control. They were also looking to settle down and start a family; she felt it was time to make a choice.

"I decided to quit on Valentine's Day last year and I looked to him for inspiration because he has never smoked despite all the temptations."

With the support of her boyfriend and friends, Evelyn has made a clean break from smoking. Her friends were inspired by her determination and motivated to cut down on their cigarettes.

"It's all in the mind, if you want to quit cigarettes, nothing can stop you!"