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Mohd Faizal was addicted to smoking from the age of ten. A family tragedy helped him quit. When his mother passed away, Mohd Faizal found the motivation to fulfil his mother's final wish - for him to quit smoking.

"I started to learn how to smoke when I was only 10 years old. I picked up smoking because I thought smoking was cool. Back in those days, you were looked upon by your friends just because you know how to smoke. I was popular among my friends simply because I knew how to smoke.

My parents were infuriated when they learned about my habit. They tried many times to tell me to quit but nothing happened. My parents used all sorts of methods to stop me from smoking but I was already too addicted.

My mother s last words before she passed away a few years ago were for me to quit smoking. I was so saddened by her demise that I tried to quit the habit but it wasn t easy.

In comparison to other 28 years olds, I realised that I was not as healthy as them. I became asthmatic and had breathing difficulties whenever I played soccer. I grew frustrated with myself for having all these at a young age.

I realised that I had my life ahead of me and I did not want it to be taken over by my habit. When I saw the opportunity to quit smoking with the Muharam Challenge last year, I signed up immediately. With the help and support of Quit Advisors and my loved ones, I finally kicked the habit.

Quitting the smoking habit is one of the wisest things I have ever done. I feel so much healthier now with better stamina for my favourite sport! Even if it wasn t for myself, I did it for my mother and my family."