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Health Ambassador Grant

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Apply for the Health Ambassador Grant

The Health Ambassador (HA) Grant serves as a seeding fund to encourage Health Ambassadors to initiate sustainable fitness interest groups in the community.

Look out for our next grant call, coming up in November 2023!

Eligibility Criteria

This grant is eligible for Health Ambassadors who have attended HA Induction programme.

Grant Application and Schemes

The grant is liaised via a Health Ambassador (HA) who is registered with HPB as a volunteer to be the custodian of the grant and leader to facilitate the group administration and scheduling.

A funding quantum of up to $4,000 will be awarded for approved applicants on reimbursement basis. The funding will vary based on the type of interest group submitted, group size and sessions conducted over the calendar year.

Example of grant support provided (funding details are for reference only and will be reviewed annually):

Type of IG

Min sessions held over calendar year

Min starting group size

Funding Quantum

Running/brisk walking/cycling




Group aerobics/ strength training




Sports (e.g. soccer, badminton)




Applicants do note of the general guidelines to comply:

  • Grant awardee must not use the funds to pay him/herself;
  • Must not charge or collect a fee from participants;
  • Must be transparent in sharing with participants on the funding support provided by HPB;
  • Must not seek or receive duplicate funding from other sources, without HPB approval.

Further Enquiries

For further enquiries, please email to Health Ambassador Network at with the subject 'HPB HA Grant - XXX (IG Group)'.