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Healthy Pre-School Accreditation

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At HPB, we encourage pre-schools to establish a culture that promotes healthy living through our Healthy Pre-Schools (HPS) Accreditation Framework. Here are some programmes your pre-schools can adopt to empower the pre-schoolers, staff and parents in supporting this culture.

This accreditation is awarded to pre-schools with comprehensive school health promotion practices for pre-schoolers, parents and staff.

Participating pre-schools will be assessed based on the three criteria of supportive environment, targeted intervention and capacity building, as shown in the diagram below.
There are 2 tiers of accreditation; Basic and Platinum. The table below summaries the criteria required for each tier. 


Creating a supportive environment

We have a variety of programmes that help pre-schoolers learn about nutrition, physical activity, myopia prevention and mental health.

You can register for these programmes through your zonal leads or the respective departments as indicated.

Healthy Meals Programme

Objective: Introduce healthier meals to pre-schoolers in pre-schools and educate them on eating right

Target audience: All pre-schoolers and staff in pre-schools

Programme details: Find out about Healthy Meals in Pre-schools Programme (HMPP)

Plug & Play Programme

Objective: Engage pre-schoolers, parents and staff with a suite of exciting new initiatives on nutrition, physical activity and mental wellness.

Target audience: Healthy Pre-Schools (Platinum)

Contact your respective Zonal Leads for more information.

Zippy's Friends

Objective: Equip pre-schoolers with the social skills to navigate their social environment, emotional skills to identify and express their feelings, and coping skills to deal with everyday challenges and transitions.

Target audience: K1 and K2

Programme details:

  • Pre-implementation training: A compulsory 6-hour training workshop for educators teaching the programme.
  • Implementation: The ZF programme consists of 6 modules, each containing 4 lessons (approximately 45 minutes per lesson) to be carried out in the designated order. All 24 lessons should be conducted within a maximum of two-year period for the same batch of pre-schoolers (i.e. during the K1 – K2 period).
  • Resources: Complete lesson plans for educators and activity booklets for pre-schoolers will be provided by HPB
Contact your respective zonal leads for more information.
Facilitation of Preventive Services
Programme details: Growth & Developmental, and Vision Screening

This service is provided by Student Health Centre

For more information, you may contact 6435-3895

Providing Targeted Intervention for Identified Groups

This criteria aims to help overweight and severely overweight pre-schoolers maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Building the Capacity of Stakeholders

These programmes equip educators and parents to promote healthy living in their pre-schools and at home with their families.

For Parents:

Colours of the Mind

Objective: Equip parents with tips to help their child cope with challenges and enhance their mental well-being.

Parents will learn to:

  • Communicate better with your child;
  • Build your child’s social intelligence;
  • Build your child’s emotional intelligence and more!

Target audience: Parents/caregivers with children two to six years old

Programme details:

Duration: 1 hour 

Language: English (Chinese/Malay upon request)

Size: Up to 60 (Min: 30 pax)

Contact your respective zonal leads for more information.

Active Together Parent-Child Workout

Choose between:

Kidz Zumba – Features kids-friendly routines based on Zumba choreography, age-appropriate music and gets children moving to the beat. Let your child have fun and rock with their friends!

Kidz Kpop – Combines simple K-pop dance moves with aerobics. Let your child have fun, dance to their favourite K-pop songs and get fit at the same time!

Target audience: Parents and Pre-schoolers

Programme details:

Duration: 1 hour

Location: As proposed by school

Language: English

Size: Minimum 30 parents (Up to 80 parents)

Contact your respective zonal leads for more information.

For Educators:

Educator's Training

Objective: To equip pre-school educators with the knowledge on key child health issues so that they will be positive role models and provide a supportive environment to inculcate healthy habits in the students.

Target audience: Pre-school Educators

Programme details: HPB will send invitation to register via email to all pre-schools.

*If you have not received any emails, please provide your Zonal Lead your centre’s latest email address to include in the mailing list.

Refer to the Healthy Pre-schools (HPS) Accreditation page on HealthHub to download the available resources.

Contact the respective zonal leads for more information.

Accreditation process


Accredited Healthy Pre-Schools will receive:

schs will receive

For more information, please refer to the detailed criteria in the Healthy Pre-school Toolkit 2019.

Here is the list of Pre-schools who have been accredited as Healthy Pre-schools (Platinum).


Kindly complete the application form and email it to

Further enquiries

For general enquiries, you can contact For zonal enquiries, you can contact the respective zonal leads below:

CDC district Zonal lead


North East
North West
South East
    South West
    • Ms Geraldine Soh (Manager)
    • Contact number: 6435-3056
    • Email:                  
    Ms Pramadevi

    “We love the energy and friendliness of our instructor, Ms Liew Hui Ling, who conducted the Plug and Play session at our centre. She was also well-liked by the children and led our children to participate in the workout session. The activity was very engaging and teaches the children about good health habits. This also acts as an encouragement for our teachers and children to stay active and lead a healthy lifestyle.”

    Ms Pramadevi

    Principal, Kinderland @ Ministry of Education
    NurtureStar Principal

    I strongly believe that healthy habits should be cultivated at a young age, and preschools can play a very important role. Support from HPB and parents for our preschool's effort is crucial to our success to foster a culture of lifelong healthy habits for our children – from healthy eating to mental wellness. We appreciate HPB’s workshop programmes and resources, which help to keep our teachers abreast of the latest in healthy practices for our children.

    Eunice Tang

    Principal, NURTURESTARS PTE LTD, SAFRA Mount Faber