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Healthy Preschool Accreditation

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At HPB, we encourage preschools to establish a culture that promotes healthy living through our Healthy Preschool (HPS) Accreditation Framework. Here are some programmes your preschools can adopt to empower the preschoolers, staff and parents in supporting this culture.

This accreditation is awarded to preschools with comprehensive school health promotion practices for preschoolers, parents and staff.

Participating preschools will be assessed based on the three criteria of supportive environment, targeted intervention and capacity building, as shown in the diagram below.


Creating a supportive environment

We have a variety of programmes that help preschoolers learn about nutrition, physical activity, myopia prevention and mental health.

Healthy Meals in Preschools Programme

Objectives: The Healthy Meals in Preschool Programme (HMPP) empowers preschools to provide healthier meals and cultivate healthy eating habits in children.

Programme Details: HMPP offers guidelines on providing healthy meals and preschools shall adhere to the food service guidelines. These include:

  • Cutting down fat, sugar and sodium
  • Serving wholegrain, fruit and vegetables
  • Serving healthy set meals

Format: Assessments are conducted in person or virtually. Find out more about Healthy Meals in Preschool Programme here.

Plug and Play Programme

Objective: Engage preschoolers with a suite of exciting new initiatives on nutrition, physical activity and mental well-being.

Target audience: Healthy Preschools (Platinum)

Programme details: 
Contact for more information. 

Format: In-person or virtual  

School Health Services

Objective: To conduct growth and developmental screening for the early detection of health issues in preschoolers.

Target audience: K1 and K2 students

Programme details:
Height and weight measurements, and vision screening are provided for students in their preschools.

Students who miss their screenings in school will be referred by the School Health Service to the Student Health Centre for the same service.

Providing Targeted Intervention for Identified Groups

This criteria aims to help overweight and severely overweight preschoolers maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Building the Capacity of Stakeholders

These programmes equip educators and parents to promote healthy living in their preschools and at home with their families.

For Educators: 

Health Promotion Training for Educators

Objective: Equip educators with the knowledge and skills on key child and youth health topics, and subsequently encourage their students to lead a healthy lifestyle. Acquire health literacy on important child and youth health topics: nutrition, physical activity, mental health.

Target audience: Preschool educators

Programme details:
A workshop where participants will:

  • Understand the impact of health promotion on students' holistic development. 
  • Acquire health literacy on important child and youth health topics: nutrition, physical activity, mental health. 
  • Be trained on strategies and ideas which educators can use to promote a supportive health environment for students. 

For more information, email us at

Format: Virtual 

Next Steps: Managing the Transition to Primary School
Objective: To help teachers understand the transition experience of preschool students and equip them with the necessary skills and resources to support the students.

Target audience: Preschool educators

Programme details:
A full-day workshop or webinar that trains educators to:
  • Understand changes in social-emotional issues in children, brought about by developmental and situational changes.
  • Recognise the key differences between the preschool vs. primary school experience.
  • Understand how change and transition induce stress and anxiety in children.
  • Normalise and manage transition-related stress and anxiety in children.
  • Demonstrate how primary school experience can be positive.
  • Engage parents in transition planning and engagement of children.
  • Encourage help-seeking amongst children pre and post transition.
  • Support children with special needs to better manage transition.

Format: In-person or virtual

Refer to the Healthy Preschools (HPS) Accreditation page on HealthHub to download the available resources.


For Parents:

Growing Minds, Growing Well Series of Workshops for Parents
Objective: Through these workshops, parents will learn about the 3Cs of parenting, helping their children cope with their emotions, build resilience and learn strategies to cope with stressors. All workshops offered are free-of-charge.

Target audience: Parents with children aged 3 to 6 years old.

Two workshops available:
  • 1.5hr Parent and child workshop
  • 1hr Parents workshop


  • Physical (preschool will have to ensure pre-registered numbers of at least 40 to proceed)
  • Virtual (preschool will have to ensure pre-registered numbers of at least 60 to proceed)

Find out more here.

Active Family in the Community

Objective: Programme focuses on fundamental movement skills development to promote bonding for both parent and child (4 to 6 years old) through a range of fun-filled activities and games, including Zumba Kids, Junior Skate Boarding, Frisbee and many more.

Target audience: 4 to 6 years old and their parents/caregivers.

Programme details:
The Active Family series are available every weekend and conveniently located across the island for the whole family to get moving and make precious memories together.

Find out more here.

Format: In-person or virtual.

Storytelling Eye Education (See) Talk with Plano

Objective: Learn about the importance of protecting your child’s eyes and keeping their vision strong from an early age.

Target audience: Parents and children aged 4 to 12 years old.

Programme details:
A virtual talk on the importance of protecting your child’s eyes. It includes an exciting story-telling session to educate and engage your child!

Format: Virtual

Parent Hub

Visit the Parent Hub, a one-stop resource portal developed by HPB, to find health information related to your child's age and development.

You can learn the ins and outs of raising a healthier child, including resources and articles on nutrition, mental well-being and physical activity.

Accreditation Process:


To apply for HPS Platinum Accreditation, please fill up and submit the following two forms:

1. Supporting documents template (Rename the title of this document with your ECDA code and submit it with (2) Self Assessment Checklist)

Note: Keep your supporting documents total size below 20MB.

Accredited Healthy Preschools will receive:

Schools accredited as Healthy Preschools will receive the following digital resources which they can include on their website and social media pages.


Contact Details:

Contact for further enquiries or to register your interest in the programmes listed above.

Ms Pramadevi

“We love the energy and friendliness of our instructor, Ms Liew Hui Ling, who conducted the Plug and Play session at our centre. She was also well-liked by the children and led our children to participate in the workout session. The activity was very engaging and teaches the children about good health habits. This also acts as an encouragement for our teachers and children to stay active and lead a healthy lifestyle.”

Ms Pramadevi

Principal, Kinderland @ Ministry of Education
NurtureStar Principal

I strongly believe that healthy habits should be cultivated at a young age, and preschools can play a very important role. Support from HPB and parents for our preschool's effort is crucial to our success to foster a culture of lifelong healthy habits for our children – from healthy eating to mental wellness. We appreciate HPB’s workshop programmes and resources, which help to keep our teachers abreast of the latest in healthy practices for our children.

Eunice Tang