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Healthier Dining Programme

Healthier Dining Grant

What is the Healthier Dining Grant (HDG)?
The HDG is a co-funding scheme offered by HPB to support our HDP Partners in the promotion and publicity of healthier menu items. HPB will reimburse up to 80% of the qualifying costs incurred for producing in-store marketing materials and website/app amendments, up to the approved grant amount, subject to applicable terms and conditions. Visit the Home page for more information about the HDP.
Am I eligible for the Healthier Dining Grant?
HDP Partners are eligible for the Healthier Dining Grant (HDG). You can apply for the grant at any time during your period of participation as a HDP Partner, subject to the eligibility criteria below.

Find out more about the eligible items that you can make a claim for with the HDG Application form.
Grant application process
HDG Application Period:
Application cycles are fixed, commencing on the first working day of each calendar month. The complete set of application forms with supporting documents should be submitted to HPB by the 15th of the calendar month.
Stage 1:
To submit the Healthier Dining Grant application form with its supporting documents to HPB at

*Additional requirements for repeat HDG applicants:
  • List of new endorsements
  • Use healthier oil

Stage 2:
Issuance of Grant Award Letter
  • HPB to email a softcopy of the Grant Award Letter (GAL) to HDG applicant
  • Applicant to return the signed Acceptance Form (on the last page of GAL) to HPB by the stipulated deadline

Stage 3:
  • Applicant to proceed with the projects for which the HDG is granted for
  • Artworks (e.g. menu book, posters) using HDP identifiers must be submitted to HPB for review and approval first before proceeding with any printing/usage

I want to apply!
Applications for the Healthier Dining Grant (HDG) can be made at any time during the period of participation as a HDP Partner. Just send your completed application form together with the complete set of supporting documents to HPB at
How much will I receive for the Grant?
Under the HDG, HPB will reimburse the marketing and publicity costs incurred by the HDP Partner in relation to the production of approved in-store marketing materials or amends to your website or app, aimed at promoting healthier dishes endorsed by HPB under the HDP, referred to as “Qualifying Costs”.

Under this co-funding grant scheme, after HPB has verified that the Qualifying Costs quotes are at competitive rates, HPB will reimburse you up to 80% of the Qualifying Costs actually incurred, up to the approved grant amount. The remaining 20% will be borne by you, the HDP Partner.

The amounts awarded under the grant may vary. Please refer to the section below to understand more, based on your type of business. If you have an application for the grant for two or more businesses, HPB will award accordingly based on the average number of endorsed menu items.
Some important points to note:
Non-qualifying Costs
The following costs will not be covered under the HDG:

  • In-house services and/or production costs
  • Products and/or services provided by the HDP Partner’s related companies
  • Claims with competing interests
  • Costs of hardware (e.g. poster stands, TV stands, iPads, etc)
  • Late charges
  • Operational costs and overheads (e.g. electricity, rental, manpower)
  • Above-the-line (ATL) and Out-Of-Home (OOH) advertising costs
  • Non-digital marketing and promotional materials which are outside of the store
The HDG will not reimburse costs incurred in connection with any project that:

  • Has commenced prior to the approval of the HDG application
  • Will receive other sources of government/non-government funding; or
  • Will obtain any goods or services from the parent company, subsidiary or associate company of the HDP Partner (if any).
Grant Duration
To qualify for reimbursement, all marketing and publicity initiatives for which the HDG is granted must be completed and submitted for claims, to ensure that the HDG approval process is completed within the 2 years qualifying period.
Grant disbursement process:
HPB shall approve disbursement of the grant when it is satisfied that the HDP partner has completed the production and implementation of the approved marketing materials for the promotion of healthier menu options.

Disbursement will be based on the HDP Partner’s actual expenditure, up to the approved grant amount. The HDP Partner will be required to submit to HPB the final progress report and grant claim form together with the complete set of supporting documents.
Submission of softcopy documents
Upon completion of all grant deliverables, HDP Partner to submit the following (within 2 years of grant approval date):
  • Final report and grant claim form
  • Sales report from project start date to claim date (minimum 3 months)
  • Photo evidence of deliverables
  • Original invoices to HPB for all deliverables
2 weeks processing time
Audit of deliverables
HPB will arrange for onsite audit(s) to verify on the following:
  • Display of POSM
  • Grant deliverables
3 weeks processing time
Justifications for change in commitments (if any)
HDP Partner to write in to explain and justify any changes to original commitment.
1 week processing time
Grant disbursement
HPB to disburse the grant after review of the complete set of grant claim documents received.