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Programmes for Primary Schools

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At HPB, we encourage schools to establish a culture that promotes healthy living through our Health Promoting Schools Framework. Here are some programmes your school can adopt to empower students, staff and parents in supporting this culture.

You can register for these programmes through your zonal leads.

Creating a supportive environment

We have a variety of programmes that help students learn about nutrition, physical activity, substance abuse and mental health.

Active Youth Recharge

Objective: Students will discover the fun in staying active and eating healthily.

Target Audience: Students with BMI-for-age greater than 90

Programme details:

Schools can schedule from 4 to 8 sessions (1hr or 1.5 hrs session), at intervals of 2 – 3 weeks between each session, over a period 2.5 - 6 months.

Minimum of 40 students required for each session.

Logistics support required: portable sound system with microphone, music player, first aid kit and raised platform/stage (preferably indoor venue in case of rain)

Healthy Meals in Schools Programme
Objective: Increase students’ awareness of healthy nutrition

Target audience: All students and staff

Programme details: Find out about the programme criteria, how we will support your school, and more.
Active Youth Workout
Objective: Increase physical activity participation among students through regular contemporary workout sessions

Target audience: All students

Programme details:
  • Schools can schedule 4 to 10 sessions at intervals of 1 to 2 weeks between each session.
  • A minimum of 40 students are required for each session.
  • Logistics support will be required - portable sound system with microphone, music player, first-aid kit and a raised platform/stage (preferably indoor venue is preferred in case of rain).
"Stay Strong, Say NO!" Skit

Objective: To enhance students' assertiveness, communication, and ability to respond to problem situations such as refusing tobacco and improve their identification with positive roles and healthy living.

Target Audience: Primary 4 to 6 students

Programme Content:

A 30-minute Interactive Assembly Skit to raise awareness on:

  • The negative consequences of tobacco use
  • The misconceptions about tobacco such as "smoking relieves stress"
  • Promoting smoke-free norms
    Chucky Bird and Friends Assembly Skit

    Objective: Increase students’ knowledge and equip them with skills for emotion management through humour, entertainment and participation

    Target audience: Primary 1 to 3 students

    Programme: A 30-minute interactive assembly skit 

    Formats: Face to face or virtual

    STAR Factor Assembly Skit

    Objective: Complement existing school efforts in stress management by equipping students with skills to manage stress

    Target audience: Primary 4 to 6 students

    Programme details: A 30-minute interactive assembly skit that provides an avenue of stress relief through humour, entertainment and participation.

    Formats: Face to face or virtual

    Next Steps
    Objective: Equip students with the skills to manage stress, socialise and achieve self-awareness when they transit into a new phase of life

    Target audience: Primary 6 students

    Programme details:
    • A half-day workshop with interactive activities that help students cope with common concerns associated with transiting to secondary school:
      • Emotions such as anxiety, anger and sadness
      • Increase in subjects and workload
      • Bullying
      • Making friends and increasing self-esteem

    Formats: Face to face or virtual

    Roving Carnival

    Objective: Engage students in relevant health topics such as nutrition, physical activity, myopia prevention, hygiene, mental wellness, oral health and smoking prevention

    Target audience: Primary 1 to 3 students

    Programme details:

    • This is a one-stop playground for students to learn about health messages at the convenience of their school.
    • Exhibits will be set up at your school for your students to participate in the various interactive activities.
    Health CHAMPS Workplace Health Promotion Programme for Staff

    Objective: Improve the health and wellbeing of employees in schools and build a health promoting workplace

    Rationale: A sustained and effective workplace health programme improves the overall health and wellbeing of employees. This contributes to a positive workplace environment and productive workforce.

    Target audience: All staff

    Programme details:

    • Engaging workshops that help your staff improve their wellbeing during contact time or staff engagement days.
    • Your staff will learn to use tools such as online health coaching and health-related applications to track their personal health.
    • Selected members of your staff will be equipped with the knowledge, skills and resources to champion workplace health activities among the rest of the staff.

    Providing targeted intervention for identified groups

    These programmes aim to help overweight and severely overweight students manage their weight healthily through lifestyle modifications. These programmes also empower parents of these students to nurture healthy eating and active lifestyle habits for their child.

    School-based programmes

    Student Health Advisor (Lifestyle Coach) Programme

    Objective: Facilitate the timely detection and management of high-risk behaviours, such as smoking, and health-related issues, such as obesity and chronic conditions

    Target audience: Students who require support in weight management or smoking cessation

    Programme details:

    • Under this programme, we arrange for healthcare professionals to be stationed in schools to provide convenience for students in seeking health-related advice.
    • Through individual or group health counselling sessions conducted at schools, the Student Health Advisors (Lifestyle Coaches) provide guidance for students with health-related issues and where necessary, offer them timely interventions and follow-ups.
    • As at Dec 2020, the Student Health Advisor (Lifestyle Coach) Programme is in 64 secondary schools and 3 ITEs, and will be piloting in 4 primary schools.
    Student Health Advisor (Lifestyle Coach) Programme – Tobacco Control

    Objective: A smoking cessation programme to equip and support youth smokers to quit smoking

    Target Audience: Youth smokers in secondary schools

    Programme Content:
    4 coaching sessions within 6 months to:

    • Assess student's readiness to reduce/quit smoking and set goals
    • Educate students on the risks of smoking
    • Impart coping strategies on managing stress
    • Follow-up with students to motivate and support them on the quit journey


    On-site Medical Assessment for Students BMI-for-age greater than 95 percentile

    The medical assessment is offered free of charge for your students. It includes:

    A physical examination by a doctor

    Blood pressure reading

    Blood test to check for diabetes and high blood cholesterol

    A certification for participation of physical activity will be issued at the end of the medical assessment

    For students with medical conditions, they will be referred to specialists or doctors and lifestyle counsellors at SHC for follow up

    Community-based programmes

    Building the capacity of stakeholders

    These programmes equip parents and students to promote healthy living among their family and peers.

    “Health promotion for Educators” – Teacher’s Training

    Objective: Equip educators with the knowledge and skills on important child and youth health topics and subsequently, help their students lead a healthy lifestyle.

    Programme details:

    • Understand the impact of health promotion on students’ holistic development
    • Acquire health literacy on important child and youth health topics: nutrition, physical activity, mental health, sleep and smoking prevention
    • Be trained on strategies and ideas which educators can use to promote a supportive health environment for students
    "Colours of the Mind” Digital Workshops for Parents

    In this workshop, we'll be sharing on the 3 domains of Mental wellbeing: Positive functioning, Social and Emotional Intelligence. There'll also be practical parenting tips and discussions on how to Care, Communicate and Coach your child in a way to boost up their mental wellbeing. Importantly, as parents we will learn about self-care techniques too, which will be useful as we journey through parenthood.

    Student Health Ambassadors Programme

    Objective: Empower students with skills to become health ambassadors

    Target audience: All students

    Programme details:

    • A two-day workshop (9am to 4pm) that equips students with knowledge and skills on:
      • Peer-led health promotion
      • Pertinent health issues related to youths
      • Life skills such as project management, team work and communication
    • Students are required to implement a health promotion project and submit a report to us within three months of project implementation.
    • A minimum of 35 students per session

    Support from our partners

    We also work with various partners to organise programmes for your school.

    “Myopia Awareness Talk” by Plano

    Objective: Educate children to better understand the importance of protecting their eyes and cultivating them with good eye care habit starting from an early age.

    Programme Details: Learn about the different functions of the eye

    What is myopia?

    Causes of myopia

    Importance of eye health

    Good eye care habits

    Delivery of the session: 30 minutes storytelling session and learn about the eye & good eye care tips

    Simple Q & A segment with students

    Sample road map

    Here is an example of how your school can implement a variety of health programmes targeting different health aspects throughout the year:

    Term Focus and programmes 

     Term 1

    Focus: Nutrition

    • Healthy Meals in Schools Programme
     Term 2 Focus: Weight management
    • Star Factor Assembly Skit
    • Roving Carnival 
    Term 3 Focus: Substance abuse
    • "Stay Strong, Say NO!" Assembly Skit on tobacco prevention
    • Active Youth Workout
    Term 4  Focus: Mental health
    • "Next Steps" Transition Programme
    • "Health Promotion for Educators" — Teacher's Training

    Contact details of zonal leads

    Zone  Zonal lead 
    North  Ms Alicia Koh
    South Mr Muhammad Faizal Bin Abdul Aziz
    East Ms Vicki Huang
    West Ms Liang Yuanyuan