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Programmes for Tertiary Institutions

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At HPB, we encourage schools to establish a culture that promotes healthy living. Here are some programmes your school can adopt to empower students, staff and parents in supporting this culture. These programmes are catered for the polytechnics, the Institutes of Technical Education, post-secondary institutions (excluding JCs) and universities.

The key focus of these programmes is on integrated health, mental health, obesity prevention and sexuality education. These four topics are interrelated and form a holistic representation of the different facets of health that are vital to one’s everyday life.

Integrated health

Lifestyle Coach (Student Health Advisor) Programme

Objective: Facilitate the timely detection and management of high-risk behaviours, such as smoking, and health-related issues, such as obesity and chronic conditions

Target audience: Students who require support in weight management or smoking cessation. 

Programme details:

  • Under this programme, we arrange for healthcare professional to be stationed in schools to provide convenience for students in seeking health-related advice.
  • Through individual or group health counselling sessions conducted at schools, the Lifestyle Coach (Student Health Advisor) provides guidance for students with health-related issues and where necessary, offer them timely interventions and follow-ups. 
  • As of December 2020, the Lifestyle Coach (Student Health Advisor) Programme is in 64 secondary schools and 3 ITE colleges. It will also be piloted in 4 primary schools.

Tobacco Control

These programmes educate students on the harms of tobacco use, methods to reject offers and the benefits of staying smoke-free.

Lifestyle Coach (Student Heath Advisor) Programme – Tobacco Control
Objective: A smoking cessation programme to equip and support youth smokers to quit smoking

Target Audience: Youth smokers in ITE Colleges

Programme Content:
4 coaching sessions within 6 months to:
  • Assess student's readiness to reduce/quit smoking and set goals
  • Educate students on the risks of smoking
  • Impart coping strategies on managing stress
  • Follow-up with students to motivate and support them on the quit journey
STRENGTHS Smoking Cessation Programme


To help youth understand and draw upon their strengths in order to take control of their own process of change and channel their attention away from smoking and other risky behaviours by engaging in healthy activities.

Target Audience: Youth Smokers in the Polytechnics

Programme details:

Using a strengths-based approach, this programme focuses on the youth’s strengths rather than their problems in order to drive change by eliciting their inner strength and wisdom while equipping them the skills and knowledge to kick the habit and learning positive coping strategies.

The programme comprises of 4 to 5 small group sessions to be completed within 4 months. The duration for each session is 1 hour.

Live It Up! Choices
  • To increase students' awareness of common misconceptions on tobacco, alcohol and illicit drug use
  • Equip students with stress management skills and assertiveness training
  • Encourage students to live a healthy lifestyle through activities such as sports, dance, and music
Target Audience: All students

Programme Content (Integrated with Mental Health):
An approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour Interactive Workshop to raise awareness on:
  • Smoking, drinking and/or taking illicit drugs are not stress-busters
  • Healthy ways to cope with stress
  • Making the right choices with self-awareness
  • Learning how not to succumb to temptations and social influences

Mental health

These programmes provide students with tips on coping with change and transition. It also helps students and educators identify and support those facing mental health issues.

Youth Support Youth Peer Support Programme


  • To equip youths with peer supporting skills so that youths in need can get the support they need from fellow peers
  • To help youths be better peer supporters by providing additional training through electives 

Target Audience: 

  • Youths in IHLs aged 17-25. Minimum of 20 youths per session

Programme details:

  • A two-tiered programme- Level 1 (Compulsory, full day) & Level 2 (elective, 2 hrs per workshop)
  • Either in face to face or virtual formats

Level 1 Content covers topics such as:

  • Common Youth mental health issues
  • Peer supporting skills
  • Self-care

Level 2 Content covers topics such as:

  • Strategies to support peers in crisis
  • Importance of self-care for peer supporters
  • Further strategies to enhance peer supporters’ skillset beyond L1 (e.g how to peer support over social media?)
Youth Mental Health Training for Educators

Objective: Equip educators and staff with skills to support students at risk or students with mental health problems

Target Audience

  • Educators and staff of IHL. Minimum of 30 pax per session.

Programme details:

  • A full day interactive workshop
  • Either in face to face or virtual formats

Content covers:

  • Common youth mental health issues
  • Protective and risk factors
  • How to identify signs of distress in youths
  • Strategies to support youths at risk/in distress
  • Strategies to promote supportive environments for youths and to encourage help-seeking behaviour
  • Referral process and available resources for youths
  • Importance of self-care for educators

Obesity prevention

These programmes target obesity prevention by encouraging healthier dietary choices and increased physical activity.

Healthier Dining Programme

Objective: Establish a supportive on-campus environment that provides convenient access to healthier food and beverage options, and empower staff and students to make healthier dietary choices

Target audience: Food operators as well as food and beverage companies

Programme details: Find out about the programme criteria, benefits and more.

Active Youth Workout on Campus

Objective: Encourage students to adopt an active lifestyle

Target audience: All students (a minimum of 30 students every session)

Programme details:

  • One-hour fitness sessions that are run on campus with the following classes:
    • Zumba
    • Kickboxing
    • Piloxing
    • K-Pop dance
    • Yoga
    • Bokwa
    • HIIT
    • Aerobic fitness
    • Lots more fun and exciting exercises coming your way!
  • We will provide the trainer while your school will need to provide the venue, stage, sound system and publicity.

Sexuality education

We also help educate students on sexually transmitted infections, and how to protect themselves.

Wrong Side of the Bed

Objective: Equip students about the possibility of HIV/STI transmission and how to prevent it

Target audience: All students

Programme details: A 30-minute video featuring possible scenarios of HIV transmission and a presentation on how to prevent HIV/STI through the ABCD message (A – Abstinence; B – Be faithful to the same partner; C – Correct and consistent condom use, if sexually active; D – (Early) detection through testing).

Contact details

Email us at for more information. Do include [Tertiary Partnerships] in the email title.