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Secondary Schools & JCs

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At HPB, we encourage schools to establish a culture that promotes healthy living through our Health Promoting Schools Framework. Here are some programmes your school can adopt to empower students, staff and parents in supporting this culture. Some of these programmes are also available to Full-time Madrasahs.

You can register for these programmes through your zonal leads.

Creating a supportive environment

We have a variety of programmes that help students learn about nutrition, physical activity, substance abuse, mental health and sexuality education.

Healthy Meals in Schools Programme
Objective: Increase students’ awareness of healthy nutrition

Target audience: All students and staff

Programme details: Find out about the programme criteria, how we will support your school, and more.
Active Youth Workout
Objective: Increase physical activity participation among students through regular contemporary workout sessions

Target audience: All students

Programme details:
  • Your school can schedule four to ten sessions at intervals of one to two weeks between each session.
  • A minimum of 50 students are required for each session.
  • Logistics support will be required. These include portable sounds system with microphone, music player, first-aid kit and a raised platform/stage. An indoor venue is preferred in case of rain.
"Be Strong to Say No" Skit


  • To equip students with the knowledge and skills to make informed decisions
  • Educate about the harms of smoking such as heart disease, cancer and diabetes
  • Highlight peer pressure to smoke as one of the challenges that youth encounter during adolescence

Target Audience: Secondary 1 to 3 students

Programme Content:
A 30-minute Interactive Assembly Skit to raise awareness on:

  • How smoking is related to other youth developmental issues
  • The benefits of a tobacco-free lifestyle
  • Promoting smoke-free norms
COPES Assembly Talk

Objective: Equip students with knowledge and skills to better manage challenging emotions and the stresses that arise from them

Target audience: Secondary 1 to 2 students

Programme details: An interactive 40-minute assembly talk that covers key emotions such as anger, worry and sadness through the COPES methodology:

  • C: Calm down
  • O: Observe your emotions
  • P: Positive thinking
  • E: Explore your options
  • S: Seek support
Next Steps Assembly Talk

Objective: Equip students with the skills needed to cope with stress as they enter new phases in their lives

Target audience: Secondary 3 to 5 students (particularly the graduating classes)

Programme details: An interactive 40-minute assembly talk that imparts simple and practical strategies that help students cope with stress as they enter new phases in their lives, such as post-secondary education and National Service.

eTeens Programme

Objective: Provide accurate information on sexually transmitted infections, HIV/STIs and protection

Target audience: Secondary 3 and JC/CI 1 students

Programme details:

  • For Secondary School students:
    • One mass talk
    • Class-based lesson taught by MOE-trained sexuality education teachers (one week after the mass talk)
  • For Junior College/Centralised Institute students:
    • One mass talk. Note that the corresponding class-based lesson in Growing Years (Unit 2 Lesson 3: With Knowledge, Comes Responsibility) should be carried out within a month after the mass talk has been conducted.
Workplace Health Promotion Pilot Programme for Staff

Objective: Improve the health and wellbeing of employees in schools and build a health promoting workplace

Rationale: A sustained and effective workplace health programme improves the overall health and wellbeing of employees. This contributes to a positive workplace environment and productive workforce.

Target audience: All staff

Programme details:

  • Staff will learn knowledge and tips on how they can improve their health status through participation in either one or two 12-week health programmes. The focus will be on weight management, building mental wellbeing and ergonomics.
  • Staff will also receive lifestyle coaching from professionals. 

Providing targeted intervention for identified groups

These programmes aim to help students whose health are at risk due to poor weight management or addictions. Students are empowered to make lifestyle modifications and develop healthy coping habits.

Student Health Advisors
Objective: A smoking cessation programme to equip and support youth smokers to quit smoking

Target Audience: Youth smokers in secondary schools

Programme Content: 
4 coaching sessions within 6 months to:
  • Assess student's readiness to reduce / quit smoking and set goals
  • Educate students on the risks of smoking
  • Impart coping strategies on managing stress
  • Follow-up with students to motivate and support them on the quit journey

Objective: Inculcate healthy lifestyle habits among students and assist them in weight management

Target: Overweight and severely overweight students (BMI-for-age percentile ≥ 90th percentile)

Programme details:

  • ReFRESH sports and games
    • Four sessions (two hours each) or eight sessions (one hour each) of sports and games with weight management tips shared during water breaks
    • Students will be encouraged to take part in physical activity via online platforms such as exercise videos on YouTube
  • ReFRESH workout
    • Four sessions (90 minutes each) or eight sessions (45 minutes) of workout, such as zumba, Kpop X-fitness, kickboxing and piloxing
  • Severely overweight students will need to go for a medical assessment at HPB’s Student Health Centre (SHC).
  • At the end of the programme, students who have reduced their BMI-for-age to < 97th percentile will be discharged from the SHC. Students who do not meet the discharge criteria will receive follow-up at the SHC. 
Lifestyle Coach Programme

Objective: Facilitate the timely detection and management of high-risk behaviours, such as smoking, and health-related issues, such as obesity and chronic conditions

Target audience: Students who require support in weight management or students or students who have been found smoking

Programme details:

  • Under this programme, we arrange for professional nurses to be stationed in schools to provide convenience for students in seeking health-related advice.
  • Through individual or group health counselling sessions conducted at schools, the Lifestyle Coachs provide guidance for students with health-related issues and where necessary, offer them timely interventions and follow-ups.
  • As of 2016, the Lifestyle Coach Programme has been rolled out to 30 secondary schools, three ITE Colleges and five polytechnics. We plan to reach out to 50 secondary schools by 2017. 
STRENGTHS: A holistic strengths-based smoking cessation programme for youth

Objectives: A strengths-based holistic smoking cessation programme to equip and support youth smokers to quit smoking 

Target Audience: Youth smokers

Programme Content:
5 one-hour sessions* conducted over 3 months to:

  • Help youths understand and draw upon their strengths in order to take control of their own process of change
  • Utilise motivational interviewing techniques to equip youths with the knowledge and skills to kick the habit and learn coping strategies to better deal with stress, anger, frustration or boredom

*Class size of 4 students

Building the capacity of stakeholders

These programmes equip parents and students to promote healthy living among their family and peers.

Eat Right, Get Moving – A Healthier Start

Objective: Equip parents with good health tips to lay the foundation for their child to develop lifelong healthy habits

Target audience: Parents/caregivers with children aged 7 to 18

Programme details:

  • A one-hour hands-on workshop that guides parents on:
    • Healthier eating at home and outside the home
    • How to increase physical activity in one’s daily routine
    • Ways to encourage a fussy eater to eat fruits and vegetables
  • Parents will be actively involved in learning healthy and easy-to-make dishes, plus sample their own creation.
  • Language: English (Chinese or Malay can be provided on request.)
  • Size: 30 pax
ADVOCATE Smoking Cessation Workshop for Educators of Youth

Objective: A programme designed to equip school staff with knowledge and strategies to help students quit smoking

Target Audience: School teachers / staff involved in smoking cessation for students

Programme Content:
5 segments and an assessment where participants will be:

  • Required to complete an online module on smoking cessation prior to the workshop
  • Taught practical strategies to help youths understand their smoking behaviour and motivate them to lead a smoke-free lifestyle
Mental Health Literacy for Educators

Objective: Train educators on:

  • Basic knowledge on common mental health problems that students may face and the ability to pick up early warning signs
  • Necessary skills to provide appropriate support and referral to services and resources in the school for students, both before and after they seek professional help
  • Encouraging help-seeking and promoting early treatment

Target audience: Head of departments and educators

Programme details: A full-day workshop with content specific to youths aged 13 to 18.

Health Promotion for Educators

Objective: Equip teachers with the basic knowledge and skills required in health promotion

Target audience: Physical Education teachers, Food and Nutrition teachers, and teachers in the health committee


  • A full-day workshop conducted in HPB covering the following key topics:
    • Mental well-being
      • Common mental health issues prevalent among youths
      • Understanding the warning signs of distress
      • Strategies to encourage positive mental wellbeing within the school environment
    • Substance abuse
      • Knowledge on smoking and alcohol abuse
      • Ways to tackle possible obstacles faced when trying to quit
    • Don’t eat less, eat right
      • Common misconceptions about food products
      • Tips to ensure students are consuming sufficient fruits and vegetables
    • Be active, feel great
      • How to promote physical activity among students
      • Tips to ensure students remain safe while keeping fit
  • Each school can register a maximum of three participants.
Student Health Ambassadors

Objective: Empower students with skills to become health ambassadors

Target audience: Lower secondary students and student leaders

Programme details:

  • A one-day workshop (10am to 4pm) that equips students with knowledge and skills on:
    • Peer-led health promotion
    • Pertinent health issues related to youths
    • Life skills such as project management, team work and communication
  • Students are required to implement a health promotion project and submit a report to us within three months of project implementation.
  • A minimum of 40 students per session, or 10 students if combined with another school

Sample road map

Here is an example of how your school can implement a variety of health programmes targeting different health aspects throughout the year:

Term  Focus and programmes 
Term 1

Focus: Nutrition

  • Healthy Meals in Schools Programme
  • Tasty Meals Programme
 Term 2

Focus: Weight management

  • "Let's Face It" Interactive Forum Theatre
  • eTeens Programme
Term 3 

Focus: Substance abuse

  • "Be Strong to Say No" Assembly Skit on tobacco prevention
  • Active Youth Workout
Term 4 

Focus: Mental health

  • "I, Ally" Transition Programme
  • "Health Promotion for Educators" — Teacher's Training

Contact details of zonal leads

Zone Zonal lead 
North  Ms Pearlin Cheng
South Ms Venassa Chin
East Ms Lydia Chua
West  Ms Nim K. Sandhu